January 1997

Kicks ass with the most up dated reviews on metal/industrial/gothic/electro/noise/occult musick releases! Expect a few interviews soon!!

So, you haven't got enough reviews to read? Want more and more? Well, let's say you made it. Since the release of Wounded zine #7, we have been injected with new material to review every now and then, and in order not to let our written opinions to gather dust on the shelves we decided to throw it on omnipotent Intenet web and present it to everyone who clicked the right spots. So here we go with a sort of "Cyber-Wounded" column which contains all the latest album reviews and in the future we'll include a few interviews as well!

Album reviews

AVULSED "Eminence In Putrescence" CD (Repulse) Shall I reconsider my approach and begin to show a little respect to AVULSED? Yes, despite everything they keep on releasing their stuffs, feeding up the most senseless maniacs of gory death/grind with ultra low growls, complete lack of melody but a full pocket of stinky lyrics and pounding rhythms which will certainly tear out your socks! On their debut full-length album "Eminence In Putrescence" they awarded themselves with more solid and heavy sound than on all previous releases, but the sound doesn't turn a crap song into a good one, so I still am content that it's a drivel to no end, still if you're looking for a much more prmitive version of SINISTER then you'll obviously thrash down my opinion but who cares, anyway? (Repulse, Box 50562, 28080 Madrid, SPAIN)

BLACK RAIN "Nanarchy" CD (Fifth Column) What the fucking fuck is this? First BLACK RAIN's CD "1.0" offered amazingly deep and subtle futuristic cyber-ambient while this escond disck has only a few strokes of its predecessor's glorious vibes and the rest is some kind of abstract nonsense whcih has nothing to do with good music. I'm sick of weird meaningless experiments, if you don't then check this out. They have a nice SEX PISTOLS cover the best track on the album along with "Night Island 2"...the rest is dispatched! Give me good music. (Fifth Column, Washington, DC 20044, USA)

CIRCUS OF PAIN "The Swamp Meat Intoxication" CD (Fifth Column) SWAMP TERRORISTS and MEATHEAD join their creative forces on this project for mind-piercing industrial with powerful punchy drum beats. They offer 4 different remixes of "Remove My Skin", 1 remix of "Dicksmoker" by S.T., short-knife-cut "But...What?" and a harsh industrial/noise/whatever piss-out "0 Edited by Kowp". That said the fans of both bands might find this disc interesting, but fucking enjoyable it isn't, it's just an OK release, y'know. (Fifth Column, P.O.Box 787, Washington, DC 20044, USA)

V/A "COP Compilation" CD (COP Intl) This is an introduction to the one of the best electro/industrial music label and its rooster dated to the fall of '96. And their rooster is damn impressive indeed! Despite some tracks had been already release, the majority of them appear in different mixes and I was particularly impressed by knocking out SLAVE UNIT track "Frostbite (Psychotic Mix)" which emphasizes their bouncing groove. Also DEATHLINE INTL's "Open Your Eyes (Numb Remix)" together with OSAS "Orchid (remix)" seemed truly outstanding. Not to speak of both UNDER THE NOISE tracks. New signings FISHTANK and HEAVY WATER FACTORY perfectly fit among different and unusual COP Intl bands. Anyway, reviewing compilations sucks, no matter how good they are, I still hate to do this track-by-track check out, just believe my words, get up your ass, rush rush to the music store and buy this excellent CD! They coined the term "Industrial Alternative" - makes sense to me. (COP, Burgstr. 14, D-6144o Oberursel, GERMANY)

DARK VOICES "The Way It Is" CD (Synthetic Symphony/SPV) Urge to do some dancing? I usually do, dancing is such excellent experience. DARK VOICES come with some super-infectious dancy rhythms, the rhythms which unwillingly make your legs move. On their debut album "The WAy It Is" DARK VOICES display some very catchy, well composed EBM songs with a definite pop touch to them which could spurt them up into the highest dance chart positions. I particularly enjoy simple yet affectively deep and subtle sequences that together with laid- back, moody voice form very cute tunes, some of them are truly a few hundred thousand worth tracks! Just check out "Girl, If You Really Want", "Like The Rain Falls From The Sky", "Something Special" or "The Lord Is My Witness". I really wouldn't wonder if DARK VOICES hits it big, in fact I wish them all the best. By the way, "The Way It Is" was recored in Dolby Surround, it adds a lot of depth and offers truly amazing sound experience if you have access to the right equipment. (SPV, Box 721147, 30531 Hannover, GERMANY)

V/A "Echo" CD (Full Contact) Mainly exploring trance/ambient realms this compilation album definitely includes a few ear-pleasant tunes, raging from those dancefloor friendly, trancey hits (THREE TRAGIC MYTHS, MEACHAM & P.O.D., DIVISION #9, APRAXIA) to more rhythmless, soundtrack types (IPECAC LOOP, SELF ORGANIZING SYSTEM, BLACK RAIN). If it's a preview of the upcoming things, then one can expect truly exciting gems to pop out from Full Contact HQ's in the future and I especially mean the former group of inside and outer space trippy astronauts. ANyway, this CD is destined for calm electronic music consumers. You can check it out as well, generally, comp. CD is a bitch to review, but this one rules! (Full Contact, P.O.Box 787, Washington, DC 20044, USA)

V/A "Electro-Cution" CD (Arts Industria) As if there wasn't enough losers toying with their synths and computers trying to hide their lack of musicianship by throwing up together different pre-programmed sounds, there's yet another compilation including many unknown bedroom stars. OK, now don't get me wrong because this 17 track compilation boosts out some decent electronic music too and if you're a dedicated fan of the genre, you'll certainly find many more appealing tracks here than I did. ASSEMBLAGE 23, TERMINAL, DIODE, POUNCE INTL, 162...those are the names to keep in mind for trying to expand the generic cliches encompassing realms as different as hard-edged crossover, subtle electro dance and spacey electro...Nice to hear once but I dunno if this compilation is anything more than a dust magnet. (Arts Industria, 425 Lamonte Terrarce, South Bend, IN 46616, USA)

EXPIRATION "Deviated" mini-CD (self-released) Obviously EXPIRATION from Spain is urgently convinced by the style of SUFFOCATION, CANNIBAL CORPSE, INTERNAL BLEEDING and the likes, they want sooo much to be like them that it's pathetic. The guys on the photo look like they couldn't kill a fly, the type every mother would be happy to have her daughter married with... If only they would cut off their hair...The playing ability is very very poor here, so don't waste yer golden dimes here. (EXPIRATION, P.O.Box 39070, 28080 Madrid, SPAIN)

GRIMOIRE "A Requiem for the Light" CD (Euphonious) That's Israelian black metal, beware. OK, GRIMOIRE certainly mines paths threaded by many other painted-faces and they don't give a shit about making another lousy sounding, powerless album full of black metal cliches. Well, sure they use a lot of keyboards as if it creates evil/dark atmosphere by itself. No way! Basically, the guitars are hidden too much in the background while drums and keys rule the stage, there's numerous basic melodies to gain an average score among BM kids, but nothing serious, nothing that could wound you, it's just a 2nd rate CRADLE OF FILTH rip-off and I never liked hebrew language to supplement the music, it sucks! No more silly black metal, please!! (Euphonious, SAnkt Jorgens Alle 7, 1th o.g., 1615 Kobenhavn V., DENMARK)

LONSAI MAIKOV "Fire" digipak CD (Caudia Draconis) This is a CD from the band which puts forth and tries to capture the essence of the following archaic values: honour, loyalty, wisdom, grit, detachment and truth. Sounds like utopia to me, though. They emphasize that idea and the message is far more important than the actual music and it honestly leaves a lot to be desired. I believe these folks have read a lot of books and spent a great deal of time philosphizing, but they should have thought more before releasing this CD. In a nutshell, it comes from the same backgrounds as SOL INVICTUS, DEAETH IN JUNE, Boyd Rice, i.e. accoustic "occult" folk with the impact on historical themes brought back in a rather abstract manner. And if those aforementioned acts construct their songs to a degree when you can say it's actually a song, LONSAI MAIKOV just strikes an occassional chord and goes on with telling the story... hmmm, lyrics...far away from intricate arrangements, I wonder if I should call the tracks arranged at all. Well, very poorly arranged, that is. Sometimes all this sort of "spirituality" comes around sounding forced and pathetic and bearing in mind that the music is null, I wouldn't give a rusty dime for it. Now, they also have "Our Lady Of The Bones" debut CD and "From The Fountain" mini-CD, both of them thread the same paths and are quite unlistenable ifyou wish to hear some nice music. For more details and prices you have to write to: (NAPA, 42 rue de la Fougerolle, 35760 Montgermont, FRANCE)

LULL "Continue" CD (Release) This CD will teach you patience or will bore you to pieces. LULL, which is yet another project of Mick Harris, on this 4th long-player offers one freezing track and it definitely isn't a quick spin for it drags on for 62 minutes, no less!! So, if you've got a short attention span, don't even touch this CD, otherwise you may become infected by its amorphous and dark isolated atmospheres. Totally rhythmless, low frequency deep ambient soundscape of "Continue" reminds of the dark and grim vibes of David Lynch movies, something that sticks in your mind and grows within...strange subconscious process, y'know. Yeps, late-night listening "Continue" will probably take you into mysterious and foggy domains if you release your imagination and let it flow with the "music". It's said to be the last LULL release and if something along the lines of LUSTMORD turns you on, this may very well be your thing. (Release, P.O. Box 251, Millersville, PA 17551, USA)

MEATHEAD/COP SHOOT COP "Dick Smoker Plus" CD (Fused Coil) Okay, two bands on one CD sounds tempting, unfortunately they don't offer their best stuffs here. COP SHOOT COP treats us with gritty, sparse sounding "!Schweinhund!" which is kinda dry...usual guitar scratching, shit like that. Then MEATHEAD does a remix which is a tad bit more moving and CSC in return remix MEATHEAD's "Large American Jaw" making it sound like their own track minus the vibe. The last 4 tracks include two mixes of "Dick Smoker" - a cool bumping/grinding track yet much less appealing than SWAMP TERRORISTS' version. "Outta My Face" is a powerful electro/ crossover stomper and things got rounded up with PUSSY GALORE cover "Loser". Noises, samples, lousy rhythm...to hell with this crap. Life sucks. (Fused Coil, Box 787, Washington, DC 20044, USA)

THE MERRY THOUGHTS "Psychocult" CD (Oblivion/SPV) If you strongly suffer the absence of SISTERS OF MERCY and FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM then THE MERRY THOUGHTS will fill the gap and give you the ultimate and stunning gothic-rock album with every best detail stemed from the goth gods. Devoid of any ingluences from other genres, THE MERRY THOUGHTS takes you back to 80's offering a low tuned, pure goth songs with meaty ponderoud bass, amazing sense for melody and generally dark, foggy atmosphere, i.e. all those qualities which made you to like SISTERS and NEPHILIM. There's a few potential and set-to-success single targets like "Flow", "We Love To" or "Will You". So if you're into some quality and very well-arranged gothic rock then go for it, this is ace! (Oblivion/SPV, Brusseler Str.14, 30539 Hannover, GERMANY)

MERZBOW/BASTARD NOISE split CD (Release) Fill your ears and nose with noise. MERZBOW and BASTARD NOISE divide 60 minutes of this CD in two parts. MERZBOW is fucking harsh and fucking loud, nothing spectacular if you already own any of their releases, but still damn impressive. BASTARD NOISE spews a bit wider collection of industrial junk which makes them more unpredictable but not as hard hiting as MERZBOW. For noise scums only, parental advisory and all that shit...

MORBID ANGEL "Entangled In Chaos" CD (Earache) The ultimate death metal live, deifinitely the most extreme and solid US death metal band MORBID ANGEL blows out fucking brains. 11 tracks gathered on "Entangled In Chaos" are picked up from all previous MORBID ANGEL albums and there's no slow moment on it, pure aggression, evil and diabolic vibe prevails on this album. This is how true death metal must be played, full dedication! It was also the last MORBID ANGEL release recorded together with David Vincent and Eric Rutan, it sure are sad news for every devotee of this elite death metal band, we'll see if they stay as heavy, aggressive, evil and murderous as always. Keep fingers crossed and buy this epitome. (Earache, Box 144, Nottingham, NG3 4GE, ENGLAND)

MURDER CORPORATION "Blood Revolution 2050" mini-CD (Qabalah) Four swedes in MURDER CORPORATION don't bind themselves to write sophisticated songs, they just go for the element of surprise (which could wear off pretty quick) and blast out 5 death/grind tunes along the lines of REPULSION and TERRORIZER but even more straight forward. Rotten growls and raw primitive riffs somehow isn't enough to be feasted upon nowadays as it was earlier when most bands sincerely tried to be as brutal and shocking as possible. Now, MURDER CORP. comes around as a bunch of grown-up kids who thrown their dicks together to have some fun therefore it apparently lacks the charm as with old bands like IMPETIGO, PUNGENT STENCH, REPULSION or DISHARMONIC ORCHETSRA. I'd have them dismissed although the nihilistic attitude on "Blood Revolution 2050" is OK! (Qabalah, Box 15890, 28080, SPAIN)

THE PROPHETESS "Dichotomy" CD (Beltane/Cleopatra) Nowadays most often than not I get confused when it comes down to reviewing another gothic rock album and trying to remain objective. In most cases my first reaction is spontaneuos and it makes me scream: "what the fuck!! Whack Them! Bury those gay ghosts from the last decade! Fuscking fuck!!..." and so on. Then after coming to grips with myslef I take more philosphical and relaxed observation. I try to look at it from the point of gothic rock fiend which is rather impossible because I have never been one. Anyway, that's the objective way, at least I believe so and in case with THE PROPHETESS, from my most good-willing point they're one of the better representatives of gothic rock, that dusty-ghost reaching back from the mid 80's. They paint the dark colors over the music and offer quite specific melodies which in one way or another brings memories of THE CURE or CHRISTIAN DEATH, you know something of that sort and definitely different from over-used school of THE SISTERS. "You Take Away" subtly weaves in a graceful accordian part, that together with a hidden, untitled track 15 are probably the most outstanding moments on rather vaguely floating "Dichotomy" CD. I would recommend this to people who aren't keen on extreme music and better prefer boneless and kinda romantic tunes, but who can be really sure? (THE PROPHETESS, Box 9893, Fountain Valley, CA 92728-9893, USA)

SCEPTER "Metal Supremacy" mini-CD (self release) Here's pure metal sound at hand, 4 tracks of totally cliched metal written from the books yet truly striking stuffs! I'm sure every heavy metal maniac must have a copy of this mini-CD, although I was quite disappointed by untight and quite lousy sound. It seems they used 4 track recorder when making this release and the results could be much better...heavier! Anyway, songs reach for the gut, including elements of hard, doom, heavy and even old-school death metal vocals but everything is played boldly basic. Anyway, as it says on CD booklet: "if you don't like it you can fuck off and die", so let's cut the crap here...Still they should practice more! $7 US from: SCEPTER, Box 388068, Chicago, IL 60638-8068, USA.

SIGNAL AOUT 42 "Immortal Collection 1983-1995" CD (Fifth Column) From the info I scrapped together about SA42 this one man band has gained a kind of cult following among EBM fans and after introducing my-bold-self with their "Immortal Collection" I can see why. Let's get it straight, SA42 (from Belgium) apart from sounding very akin to FRONT 242 also attract those people jerking off to analog synth based, strong yet kind of basic electro-dance with subtly inter- vowen wave touches resulting in a rather isolating atmospheres. Those older tracks dating back to 1988-1991 offer a lot of familiar tricks (F242) while 5 new compositions opt for some techno/trance schemes, the opener "Overture: Fatal Attraction" is a good example of this new interest for the band. In my personal case I could easily cut short this CD and leave only this track which is truly powerful, but if you're a fan of the well-done EBM dance, SIGNAL AOUT 42 must be on your hit-list then.

SOLHVERV "Tagernes Artusinde" CD (Euphonious) Here's another children band, this time from Denmark which chooses to frighten old grandmas and give a lot of joy to teenager "vikings". OK, the music is a chaotic mix between black, grind and death metal with no musical abilities at all, no single song is memorable, let it alone catchy or heavy. But they are all very noisy and lack in power department very much. This band was formed in early 90's under the name FALLEN ANGEL, then jumped on black metal bandwagon and called themselves HELHEIM which apparently wasn't very original idea considering other 3 bands under the same name and finally they chosen to dabble into pagan/ viking boat and ta-da-dadam, they hit it, they got signed! But I honetsly doubt if it go any further from here, because the music is ustter crap with no feelings at all. All lyrics are in danish, now this is very orrriginal! Fuck off!