March 1997

Welcome to the 3rd chapter of "Cyber Wounded", the bloody winter is finally over, I'm not freezing here anymore and have some news for ya. First of all, check out my new and now permanent e-mail address. I'm hoping to get your messages soon! Thens as usual you'll find a bunch of album reviews, these are up-to-date and pretty new stuffs. I'm sorry to say that some of my plans to add other features in this March issue went down the fucking drain, quite frankly things have been hectic here lately and the bands who were sent my questions turned out to be lazy fucking schmucks! But make no mistake - "Cyber Wounded" is gonna improve a lot. Next month... oh, well, you won't believe your eyes! Let me also remind you that Wounded #7 is still available, it'll be the best present for anyone into this damn heavy / dark / noisy / fuck-this-shit-and-get-away whatever music, GET IT NOW! Until then have a nice revival and then a bloodbath. Break your neighbour's neck, yeah!


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1.V/A "Covered In Black" CD (Cleopatra)

2.TELEVISION OVERDOSE "Terrestial Broadcast" CD (Synthetic Symphony)

3.EMPEROR "Reverence" CD-single (Candlelight)

4.THE ELECTRIC HELLFIRE CLUB "Calling Dr.Luv" CD (Cleopatra)

5.V/A "Diva X Machina" CD (COP Intl)

6.Jan Cyrka "Prickly Pear" CD (Music For Nations)

Album reviews

AUTUMN LEAVES "Embraced By The Absolute" CD (Serious Entertainment) Well, AUTUMN LEAVES doesn't seem to be the most fitting name for a death metal outfit, but who am I to tell, especially when the music is so well executed and kills you on distance! Yeah, Serious Entertainment somehow manages to find really cool bands on Danish soil and AUTUMN LEAVES is one of them. The band skillfully blends the brutality and precision of US death metal with raw and melodic elements of sedish style and the results are quite fascinating - fast, technical, melodic and brutal death metal. They apparently don't strive to come up with original style and those sceptics among you could find many rehashed riffs on "Embraced By The Absolute", but with those countless black metal or gothic/doom or whatever elese stuffs flooding the market, it's nice to hear some flawless, brutal death metal again and AUTUMN LEAVES offers just that. Cool! (Serious Entertainment, Torvegade 29, 6700 Esbjerg, DENMARK)

CEMETARY "Last Confessions" CD (Black Mark Production) Looks like CEMETARY are cooking chartbreakers like bakery makes patties. I've heard that the band was going to change the name to SUNDOWN, apparently it wasn't meant to happen. This new slab, though, is one of the shortest albums I've heard but it concentrates maximum quality music. 8 tracks are gonna stick in your mind like some pleasant tumours, each track is based on the ultra-groovy rhythms entangled in simple melodic guitar riffs sweetened with cute solo or keyboard melody. Polished yet displaying a variety of moods vocals of Mathias Lodmalm, the sole songwriter and driving force behind CEMETARY, just in tact matches up with catchy musical arrangements, "Twin Reactor", "Forever" or moody "Fields Of Fire" are prime examples of that. Overall, "Last Confessions" perfectly underlines the saying that greatness lies within simplicity, I would say that CEMETARY has recorded a milestone album in gothic/metal genre which must satisfy MAthias', listeners' and label's demands. (Black Mark Prod, fax (49) 304 62 7894)

CHIVA "Oracle Morte" mini CD (Witchhunt) It's a side project of Chiva from SADNESS where the self-proclaimed baron and prophet ("I predict you the end of a world for 1999"...well, stay tuned!) dabbles into abstract rhythmic synth music with english/french declamations and supposedly majestic atmosphere. Instead of axe he poses with a sporting gun and his look is quite mean. To cut it short, it's very silly and far away quality wise from his main band. (1999 Final Eclipse, c/o MAtten, 61, Av. de France, 1950 Sion, SWITZERLAND)

V/A "Covered In Black" CD (Cleopatra) It's an industrial tribute to the kings of high voltage AD/DC and I bless the man who came up with the idea to make this compilation for it's the best, it fucking smokes, it rocks, it brings AC/DC heavy metal anthems into XXIst century. Sure, there's a little "if"...if you like AC/DC. Because despite each band has put its stamp on the original tracks, still the best ones are those which don't reduce the original high voltage and energy of AC/DC. And if they add a little extra punch like DIE KRUPPS do on "It's A Long Way To The Top", GENITORTURERS on "Squeeler", BIRMINGHAM 6 on "Thunderstruck" or SISTER MACHINE GUN on "TNT" then you be sure it's ultra high voltage now! GODFLESH on the other hand turns "For Those About To Rock" into obscure and totally heavy rework in their own style, the vibe is huge... breathtaking, while THE ELECTRIC HELLFIRE CLUB goes a bit campy on the "Highway To Hell". JOINED AT THE HEAD do a super catchy and loud "Whole Lotta Rosie" without changing anything except injecting more compressed power in the riffs. Yet the most weirdest rendition is offered by PIGFACE vs. SHEEP ON DRUGS who mutate "Back In Black" into almost unrecognizable noisy industrial fucker without soul. Other than that, remaining 13 tracks truly pack the punch, boost it up with power surge and strike it back viciously! (Cleopatra, 8726 S.Sepulveda Blvd., Ste. D-82, Los Angeles, CA 90045, USA)

Jan Cyrka "Pricky Pear" CD (Music For Nations) Jan Cyrka is one of those guitar wizards you either worship or don't give a damn about. Honestly, I'd have never picked up his album in the record store, but since I got it for free I really can't complain. The music is immensely professional and conveys a lot of easy flowing guitar melodies and licks arranged in the perfect way to smooth your ears and set the mind on a sort of laid back state. Of course, sometimes it shifts up and bursts with some energy yet it's never as awkward as Steve Vay or Joe Satriani, I'd say Jan Cyrka delivers something along the lines of MArty Friedman, I mean the vibe is kinda similar, but not the playing style. Yeah. Only two out of ten tracks feature a vocalist (former T'PAU singer Carol Decker) and those ("In A Broken Dream" & "Hard Rain Falls") together with "Je T'Embrasse", amazingly textured "This Land" and mysterious closer "One Whole Heart" are real pearls. Overall, it's a great album and once again proves how cool is to put a zine together, otherwise I'd never discovered Jan Cyrka. Yeah, now I feel like converted! (Music For Nations, 333 Latimer Rd, London, W10 6RA, UK)

DARKSEED "Spellcraft" CD (Nuclear Blast) DARKSEED who aren't any sort of newcommers and already had released one mini CD "Romantic Tales" and "Midnight Solemn Dance" CD makes their first appearance on Nuclear Blast with "Spellcraft". It's your usual gothic/metal hybryd highly influenced by PARADISE LOST and CEMETARY, y'know clean male/female vocals, powerful riffs, light melodies, simply rock! Nothing groundbreaking but easy and enjoyable materials. "Spellcraft" is like a tasty lunch but it has nothing to do with seriously romantic, inspiring & memorable dinner for two. Still cool stuffs. Too much PARADISE LOST shades over it, but it still blows CREMATORY into oblivion.

DARKSIDE "Shadowfields" CD (System Shock) This band can be commended for trying to grasp something that is unreachable for them. Despite any attempts DARKSIDE remains just another mediocre death/thrash outfit with synths and female vocals here and there which completely don't suit the music. Their version of a conceptual story on "Noohoorsh" shows the lads' fascination with childish fairytales, but I dunno if nowadays even 5 years old cracker would get excited about it. Well, maybe he would... I dunno. The sound on "Shadowfields" is too muddy for my taste, but I don't care for even a more crisper and powerful production wouldn't turn shit cliches into gold compositions. (System Shock, Am Markt 1/Sout. Rechts, 47229 Duisburg, GERMANY)

DAWN OF DREAMS "Amber" CD (Candlelight) Candelight doesn't stray away from their most appreciated style, i.e. gothic/doom and puts to light yet another promising newcomer. These Austrians who called themselves DAWN OF DREAMS aren't radically orrriginal and they do sound similar to early CELESTIAL SEASON, but instead of pushing thick guitars to the forefront they leave this space occupied by melodic keyboards and sublime vocals (both clean and grunting in expression) which combined with slowly rolling rhythms entwine the listener with dreamlike atmospheres. Tracks such as "Imprisoned Sun", "Like A Sundrop In The Rain" or "Drowning In Dreams" are all well-developed and stylish affairs, truly candlelight music! They also laid down some nice poetry, especially on the first two aforementioned tracks. I guess, this "Amber" thing could rise quite a reaction if you enjoy this sort of dark and dreamy gothic/ doom, but if you look for something not so obviously influenced by the mazterz of the genre, you can save on it as well. (Candlelight, 2 Elgin Ave, London W9 3QP, ENGLAND)

V/A "Diva X Machina" CD (COP International) Now, c'mon, show me a lad into electro/industrial/goth/EBM who wouldn't be excited to lay his pawns on the compilation featuring a line up of bands fronted by female vocalists. "Diva X Machina" is exactly such a compilation and let me tell you - it's a sure winner! 16 bands display their talents ranging from such diverse electronic music realms as aggro-tech, electro/industrial, synth-core and electro-goth. Practically each band on this compilation has developed its personal style so there are plenty mind-bending surprises waiting for you. Some of the standout tracks include "Regodless" by SUNSHINE BLIND, absolutely splendid rendition on Elvis' track "Devil In Disguise" by Slovenian crossover masters COPTIC RAIN, hypnotic "Spring" by FADING COLORS whom singer possesses a very distinctive voice, "Turn" by HEXEDENE - a groundbreaking electro-dance hit with attractive vocals, rising stars COLLIDE with "Beneath The Skin" and many more. In fact not a single downer here, this compilation seems to be perfectly put together which is a rarity nowadays. Or maybe its those divas mesmerized me? Whatever...this is brilliant. Other bands included here are: THE RAZOR SKYLINE, DEATH RIDE 69, THRIVE, BATTERY, RANDOLPH'S SIN, ANDROID LUST, REGENERATOR, ATTRITION, AIBOFORCEN, WAITING FOR GOD and VENUS WALK. (COP, Burgstr.14, D-61440 Oberursel, GERMANY)

EDGE OF SANITY "Inferno" CD (Black Mark Prod) EOS strikes back with their sixth longplayer and many bands who reach this time in their careers sound tired or boring. Or godly! But first two options definitely can't be brought out when talking about EOS who on this album gather together every bit of experience found on all previous albums and also Dan Swano's solo efforts. They melted those elements and forged a new, powerful album. "Inferno" conveys the heavyness of "Unorthodox", the grandiosity of "The Spectral Sorrows", the rawness of "Until Eternity Ends", the catchyness of "Purgatory Afterflow", the variation of "Crimson" plus it for the first time was recorded not in Unisound but in The Abyss studios, so the sound turned out to be even rawer and vicious still with every instrument punching in your face. Of the standout tracks I'd mention very catchy and infectious opener "Hell Is Where My Heart Is", black metal influenced, fast'n'ripping "Helter Skelter" or a title track which displays EOS style we are ready to kill for - quite basic but mind-blowing brutal death metal. Actually, the whole album leans towards fast, hard-hitting, heavy brutal style with only "15:36" sounding like NIGHTINGALE goes metal and "The Last Song" starting with piano and possessing this heart-soaring, melancholic vibe which then adds heavy weaponry with a long solo in the background. Anyway, EOS once again delivered a fucking classy album, you'd be fool to miss it, it's metal at its heaviest, yeah!

THE ELECTRIC HELLFIRE CLUB "Calling Dr. Luv" CD (Cleopatra) These devil's messengers seem to have found the right formula by now and churned out the 3rd full-length album along the same lines as the first two. EHC practice their original kind of groovy industrial dance with psychedelic rock influences, cheesy samples and a whole lotta groove. Some cool tracks like "Book Of Lies", "Hellflower", "Prince Of Darkness" or "Ultraviolence" will load you with devilish power surge, yet I think they're becoming a rather lousy wimps of crap with attempts at being serious and evil, track like "Pack 44" is plain ridiculous shit. All this "burn church, kill Christ" crap is getting boring, y'know, especially when heard from lips of 3 gays and one go-go bimbo dancer. (Cleopatra, 8726 S.Sepulveda Blvd, Ste. D-82, Los Angeles, CA 90045, USA)

EMPEROR "Reverence" CD single (Candlelight) Featuring 3 tracks this single shows amazing progress of EMPEROR and is a devilish appetizer for the upcoming full-length "Anthems To The Welkin Dust" (out in April). Opener "The Loss And Curse Of Reverence" is a vicious, fast, heart-ripping black metal with freezing melodies and a classical touch - grandiose! "In Longing Spirit" dates back to 1992 and is presented in the developed form offering even more variability yet not for a second losing its inner anger and dark, cold feelings. But the real diamond is a closing piece "Opus A Satan" which is a rearranged classical version of "Inno A Satana" (from "In The Nightside Eclipse"). It vividly portrays the dark essence of EMPEROR and shows a breathtaking and unique potential of this band. This is what I consider a real classical music with a multitude of emotions and not a mere attempt at it. Brilliant! (Candlelight, 2 Elgin Ave, London W9 3QP, ENGLAND)

ENUFF Z'NUFF "Seven" CD (Music For Nations) What's gonna be next, huh? BON JOVI? MR.BIG? Yeps, it sure surprised me a lot to receive a copy of a new ENUFF Z'NUFF album for a review, I even felt honoured for some time. OK, "Seven" is a pretty pretty catchy & Sweet hardrock showcasing very professional songwriting and a perfect sense for easy sticking melodies and choruses which you can hum along to while taking a shower or shaving. Yeah, ENUFF Z'NUFF could turn you on a good mood in the morning or take the pressure away in the evening. Yeah! Just listen to a charming tune such as "Wheels", melodic ballad "Downhill", rocking "New Kind Of Motion" and a whole bunch of other sparkling and chartbreaking tracks! Sometimes I wonder how can I enjoy both EMPEROR and ENUFF Z'NUFF, but I think it all goes down to one thing - good music. And I like good music no matter how different in style it is. And both those bands do their thing in a most professional ways, so why not?... Unless you're a diehard anti-commercial, anti-sweet, anti-joyful, whatever...who cares, I like this one a lot, it's devoid of current trends and delivers pop rock at its very best! (Music For Nations, 333 Latimer Rd, London, W10 6RA, ENGLAND)

ETERNE "Deadauthor" CD (Candlelight) "Deadauthor" isn't easy album to dig, as a matter of fact, I still can't do it. ETERNE further developed their unique blend between heavy doom metal and dark gothic wave, also the vocals are very strange - pretty emotional and sometimes even too tragic. They sure do have some nice parts going on like on "Jyhad" or "Lexicon" and each track is about blood and suffering, so all misanthrope cannibals should dig this shit. The only different track is "Numb" - pretty much classical influenced dark and depressive tune without usual rhythm section and guitars. My fave song, though, is a closing title track - slow, monolithic doom/gothic tune along the lines of MY DYING BRIDE with keyboards pushed at the forefront - typical but very nice and well arranged. Generallly, the album doesn't sound so refreshing as it would've sounded earlier when this style wasn't so developed, I also feel that ETERNE lacks a great deal of dynamics, but if you like it damn heavy, then check this out!

FATAL OPERA "The Eleventh Hour" CD (Massacre) This one is a heavenly present to all prog-metal freaks who just prefer tremendoudly intricate arrangements and awkward pieces that no normal rock'n'roll afficionado like me can enjoy! Oh, well, it's not all that straight coz FATAL OPERA aren't completely obsessed by showing off their technical abilities and burying you under a pile of crazy interwoven riffs. Actually, they understand how to make a chemistry of the song work, tracks like "Inside/Outside", "Wrist Twister", "Three Steps", "My Psychiatrist" or high energy loaded bomb "Devil's Monkey" possess some distinctive, mind-broadening qualities easily enjoyed by my=God=self. Yeps! But stuff like "Dredges (The Truth)" or "Once I Was A Fly" is a bit too much for the ordinary metalhead, but, mind you, not for prog-metal headbanger like Giedrius from Edge Of Time zine who says this band is genius! I won't argue the point, it sure is a very professional album without filler crap, that's for sure! Clap, clap, clap. They even have covered "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds", perhaps it'll be a bonus point for you to buy "The Eleventh Hour". (Massacre, Rauheckstr. 10, 74232 Abstatt, GERMANY)

GRAVITAR "Now The Road Of Knives" CD (Charnel Music) GRAVITAR makes music for freaks. I don't know but I guess freaks have a different approach to music, at least very different from mine. GRAVITAR bumped into the studio and recorded free form jazz noise shit out of the blue. The whole album sounds like one long jam, absolutely pointless in my opinion and its pleasure is shared between players and a few freaks out there who'd enjoy this crap for reasons unknown. I mean, it's not heavy or bloody extreme or fuckin' moody nor it's a musical album with your conventional rules. People into SKULLFLOWER should dig it though, it offers more diversity here. (Charnel Music, P.O.Box 170277, San Francisco, CA 94117-0277, USA)

HARE "Proud To Be Loud" CD (Music For Nations) Ha, Music For Nations signed a bunch of loosers who can't write a damn song! HARE throws together a bunch of riffs which is meant to be groovy but in fact are totally lifeless and cliche. Then you have a vocalist trying to be moody and mean but failing terribly at both attempts. All songs are structured along the same run-of-the-mill alternative/metalcore factory line without any content behind it. Well, the album is given a meaty production but without a decent song in sight, it alone doesn't make any wonders. It really escapes me what could possibly attract the listener to such mediocre album when there are many truly kick ass bands like PRO-PAIN, BIOHAZARD, THE SPUDMOSNSTERS or MERAUDER which reflect real anger while HARE is just a polished, licked 2nd rate copy of them with stinky alternative edge. Dismiss! (Music For Nations, 333 Latimer Rd, London W10 6RA, ENGLAND)

INTESTINE BAALISM "An Anatomy Of The Beast" CD (Repulse) This sort of death metal was made in Japan by INTESTINE BAALISM. Despite the name they aren't another faceless death/grind bunch, actually I found it strange why do they restrict themselves, because the guys are apparently skilled musicians. They incorporate those fast, melodic parts with shrieky vocals in the vein of AT THE GATES or DARK TRANQUILLITY and then for a change produce some mid-paced, even slow motion tempos with deep, growling vocals. Well, when you listen to the whole CD you might have your doubts whether they stretch some parts too long or not, and INTESTINE BAALISM definitely isn't super convincing but if you just search for a good quality, well-executed death metal with lotsa uncanny flowing melodies, you better get it. (Repulse, Box 50562, 28080 Madrid, SPAIN)

LIMBO "Sein Und Zeit" CD (Discordia) At first this new LIMBO cookie appeared quite difficult to swallow with all those mechanical beats and obscure sequences yet some more listens let it find the way into my brain and start growing there. Underneath hard-hitting, apocalyptic beats lies a vast array of subtly constructed sequences setting images of hollow and obscure places, a sort of post-apocalyptic visions or something along the way. "Sein Und Zeit" finds LIMBO diving deeper into dark realms and generating similar vibes to DELERIUM and NUMB, while straying away from apparent KRAFTWERK cliches found on the previous full-length "Zos Kia Kaos". I urge you to take your time and discover the mesmerizing essence of "Sein Und Zeit" which at first might sound quite one dimensional, but in fact it is NOT! Read their interview in Wounded #7! (Discordia, An Liffersmuhle 95, 47877 Willich, GERMANY)

LORDS OF THE STONE "Nightflowers" CD (Massacre) So LORDS OF THE STONE(D?) are 5 stoned guys and one lady from the land of freedom. That is Holland, yeah, you guessed right. This L.O.T.S. ensemble ripple the melodic doom metal waters. Now what sets them apart from other muggled music hordes? First of all - vocals. Both Andre's moody, sometimes moaning or even laid back voice and Martine's chilled out, relaxively floating yet strong parts. Then the presence of the 70's Hammond organ keyboard really marks out the sound of the LORDS. The guitar riffs come across as very much CELTIC FROST/SABBATH inspired stuff and are played in a groovy manner - they simply rock! I'd say tracks like "Memorief", "Weep" and "Undeceived" especially stuck into my mind for having this very special, moody aura around them. When most doom/gothic/ whatever slow bands tend to bore you at the end of their albums, LORDS sound particularly impressive and make me craving for more. So what I do? I light on another incense cone, blow up a fat joint and get carried away into their garden full of mysterious nightflowers. High up and even higher! (Massacre, Rauheckstr. 10, D-74232 Abstatt, GERMANY)

QUORTHON "When Our Day Is Through" maxi-CD (Black Mark Production) Well, this QUORTHON lad is someone special. After entire black metal nation has cursed his debut solo album into oblivion, he had the guts to carry on and this maxi-single is a foretaster of the upcoming QUORTHON double album "Purity Of Essence" - 23 songs to be released in May! So, it's great to see there're still guys who don't give a shit. Well, these four songs contained on "When Our Day Is Through" release are real catchy, a bit melancholic and I believe very honest tracks. The title tune is simply infectious with its basic guitar grooves, sweet keyboard line and distinctive Quorthon's vocals. "An Inch Above The Ground" and "Cherry Butt & Fire Fly" roll on along the same, grunge inspired, basic rock shores with memorable choruses and stuff. But the last one, "I've Had It Coming My Way" (what's that, I dunno?) is simply a NIRVANA rip-off still pretty powerful grunge/punk. Now, the only downer of it all is programmed drums, it simply doesn't work for me. Apart from that, I don't have any complains, lyrics are cool & I'm waiting for a whole dish. (Black Mark Prod, Luxemburgerstr. 31, 13353 Berlin, GERMANY)

PENITENT "...The Beauty Of Pain..." CD (Draenor Prod) This album is a cheerful mood killer. As far as I'm concerned any attempts at trying to convey the feeling and grandiosity of classical music with a couple keyobards is ridiculous! PENITENT, on the contrary, have dedicated themselves to that task and recorded an album which will throw you into the deepest state of bleak depression or something...turn you into limbo. This is music your mom or grandma may like, a sort of classical interplays on keyboards with spoken declamations which gather no emotions whatsoever! Sometimes it sounds so overly serious that it borders on the edge of being pathetic. All this stuff about suffering, mourning, weeping and looking for beauty in pain isn't for me, it's for masochists or old cranky nuts. Better gimme rhythm & power, gimme drive and then we can talk about atmospherics. Useless... (Draenor Prod, Krumpentalerstr. 3, A-8790 Eisenerz, AUSTRIA)

SATURNUS "Paradise Belongs To You" CD (Euphonious) Out of civilized city of Copenhagen comes this quintet called SATURNUS. "Paradise Belongs To You" is their debut album and it shows that Danish lads have perfectly learned their composing lessons in the school of MY DYING BRIDE and ANATHEMA. Some tracks easily could satisfy the needs of gothic/doom metal afficionados like the opener title track or "Christ Goodbye" which both have dramatic melodies and offer pleasant variations between calm, melancholic moods and aggressive, heavier sound. Another standout tune must be totally enchanting "The Fall Of Nakkiel" tinged with beautiful female voice & flute which create very subtle and mesmerizing atmospheres, excellent! Must be released as a single, yeah! Now, onto some critical note. First of all, to put birds' chirrings at the beginning of each track sounds kinda silly and blatantly piss mre off after a few listens. I mean, I can go to the forest if I want to hear chirrings. Another thing these boyz should seriously consider is their visual appearance on the photo. Y'know, nowadays you can do much better than going to the nearest forest and taking a basic pic with your everyday clothes on. It sure is a minor drawback, but sometimes it plays an important role. Anyway, despite everything, it looks like SATURNUS are able make a strong impact with their debut album, it'll easily appeal to those melancholic, phlegmatic metalheads who have no probs surviving 8-9 minutes long slow & melodic tunes. (Euphonious. E-mail:

SUBARCHANOID SPACE "Delicate Membrane" CD (Charnel Music) "Delicate Membrane" is 100% psychedelic, improvised spacy rock or whatever. It feels like musicians were capturing the momentary moods and making them flow into everchanging stream of unpredictability. This album is doen in a pretty laid back mood yet displays an intense mental interaction between musicians loading the music with vivid sonic colors and emotions. Pretty interesting and unconventional music for curious minds...soul lifting, too! (Charnel Music, P.O.Box 170277, San Francisco, CA 94117-0277, USA)

TELEVISION OVERDOSE "Terrestial Broadcast" CD (SPV/Synthetic Symphony) It's a second TEOV album stirring the psychology and blurring the lines between techno, industrial and "intellectual" EBM. Originally coming from UK, TEOV sounds much different from their continental colleagues who adopt more straight and cliched formulas. Instead of that TEOV takes their time to come up with diverse, subtle sequences penetrating deeper into listener's mind than your usual industrial/techno shamans and create vastly textured futuristic vibes. Also the rhythms are largely enriched with percussion, so no wonders it definitely sounds refreshing while quite visualizing, samples add the last touch to this atmospheric, danceable, futuristic music charging you with a hyper rush of energy. Most tracks are vocal-less with sampled pieces replacing the vocals so in some way TEOV could bring comparisions to BLACK LUNG's more danceable tracks, but TEOV adds a lot more substance (or is it a hidden information?) to their tracks. It's a sort of dance music for curious minds and still stretching it's limits, so make no mistake and get it. Excellent! (SPV, P.O.Box 721147, 30531 Hannover, GERMANY)

THRENODY "Threnody" CD (Massacre) Soundwisely the third THRENODY album bears deadly comparissions to GOREFEST, but musically it's much less groovy and melodic. Basically, it sounds like a bunch of thrown together riffs being played by skillful musicians, unfortunately the tracks, except "None" and "Revelations" aren't that much memorable nor do have powerful drive. Sounds like they're tired to play this prog-death stuff over and over again. Rather mediocre.

XYSMA "Lotto" CD (Relapse) These Finnish dudes deliver some of the most tasty alternative rock, but it's nothing really outstanding and all ground breaking bomb as Relapse portrays it in accompanying PR sheet. XYSMA rocks like BLACK SABBATH, surrounds themselves with bizzare MISFITS aura, are tight as HELMET and awkwardly noisy like SONIC YOUTH. Blend it with some psychedelics and you'll get this strange animal - XYSMA. I wouldn't be surprised if tracks such as "We Just Came Inside", "New Girl In The Town" or "The Tram" could hit it big in the alternative music charts, they should move to the States and become rock stars. For now it's just an eccentric Finnish band that almost no one knows about. Anyway, this alternative edge of theirs piss me off sometimes, I can't stand that wimpy sound! Gimme clean and tight guitar sound - 1000 ton shit! Pretty weird this "Lotto"... (Relapse, Box 251, Millersville, PA 17551, USA)