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The NVision Team

    Programming & Database Development

    Norikazu Aruga

    Norikazu Aruga brings more then twelve years of technical experience to NVision. This includes ten years of experience as a Unix System administrator and two years as a webmaster . Prior to joining GOL, he served as a system engineer at R.S.C. in Tokyo. His skills include UNIX, HTML, C, LISP, Perl, and JavaScript.



    Joe Petrow

    Joe Petrow brings his extensive experience of Internet programming with Perl, C, Visual Basic, Java, Javascript, and database management to NVision. Joe was the brains behind the programming that enables e-commerce for the Polaroid ColorShot and British Insurance Group Web sites.

    Prior to working at NVision, Joe worked at Hitachi Business International where he developed, coded, and tested the LiveEdit online web page editor. He has designed and coded a number of custom CGI for customers, including search engines, guestbooks, and games. His freelance projects include a bar locator search engine for Heineken Japan, and a Nagano Olympics event voting system for Hole-In-One. Joe has programmed for United States Postal Service Information Systems and the State of Texas Medicaid system. In addition, he also wrote the form-processing procedures and designed several GUI interface screens for the State of Hawaii KEIKI Child Welfare System. Joe earned a B.S. in Computer Engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.


NVision digital media & design is a division of Global OnLine Japan K.K.