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Taysir's Journal

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Whenever I look back on my youth, I can see every folly so clearly. Each sparkles as brightly as a diamond, drawing my mind's eye away from my more honorable or wise actions. (And there were some of those, I promise you! Not many, perhaps, but some.) Why is it that one's mistakes so often outshine one's achievements in memory?

Common wisdom says that people who are unaware of history will repeat it. Is this really true? Perhaps it is the uncanny brilliance of dark deeds and foolish actions that causes each of us, in turn, to repeat the mistakes of those who have come before. There is a certain seductiveness, a certain challenge, in the idea that we can surely succeed where others have failed. And thus we pick up the sparkling jewel of folly.

When I look upon the triangle of wizards that converged upon the land of Jamuraa years ago, I see in their actions the errors of my youth. Mangara, Jolrael, and Kaervek: Wizards, not planeswalkers, but their jealousies, insecurities, and needs are not so different from my own. Just ask my adopted daughter, Daria! And because of their might, their actions affected whole peoples and cultures.

The shade of anonymity seldom protects those who seek out the sun of power. And so, their follies shine more darkly through history--glittering warnings to those who follow.

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