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SoftSeek says, "ePop provides most of the features found in the popular ICQ communications utility, plus dozens of features that are well-suited for the corporate workplace."

e/pop 2.0 updated to beta 2 build 113

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ybullet.gif (875 bytes)Instant messages
ybullet.gif (875 bytes)Group chat
ybullet.gif (875 bytes)Remote control
ybullet.gif (875 bytes)Windows NT Domains
         (uses the group & user list)

ybullet.gif (875 bytes)NetWare 3.x, 4.x & 5.x
         (uses the Bindery & NDS tree)
ybullet.gif (875 bytes)Windows 95, 98 & NT
     Peer Networks
ybullet.gif (875 bytes)Serverless

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ybullet.gif (875 bytes)Advanced security controls
ybullet.gif (875 bytes)Custom user lists
ybullet.gif (875 bytes)Remote shutdown, reboot, logoff, task control, run applications
ybullet.gif (875 bytes)Complete customization with included control panel application

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ybullet.gif (875 bytes)Lowest cost for remote control, instant messaging
ybullet.gif (875 bytes)No server or user database to maintain
ybullet.gif (875 bytes)Integrated with the network directory
ybullet.gif (875 bytes)Simple deployment process
ybullet.gif (875 bytes)Winner of over 20 awards!

With over 30,000 professional installations in diverse organizations, including; utility firms, telecommunications firms, call-centers, financial organizations and brokerage houses, universities, military and government institutions around the world, WiredRed is the fastest growing company in real-time communications for business.

WiredRed is committed to being the leader in real-time communications for the workplace, by building a solution that meets the communication needs of business without introducing the complexity and operational overhead of another e-mail system.

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