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 Would you like to meet the perfect partner, or simply have a great night out? Then join thousands of other eligible singles at Queensland’s biggest blind date on February 13, 1999 at Dreamworld.

Take the plunge ... on Dreamworld’s latest thrill ride - The Giant Drop and experience the adrenalin rush of the Tower of Tower - the fastest, tallest rides in the world.

Enjoy the magic of Dreamworld after dark, the excitement of the rides and a glittering night of dancing, food, wine, glamour and maybe even romance at the annual Red Cross Desperate and Dateless Ball.

Tickets to the ball are $75.00 include a "dream date" for the night, live entertainment, hours of fun on exhilarating rides, gourmet meal, unlimited alcohol and softdrinks, and buses to and from Dreamworld, departing to the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Desperate to party? Tickets are on sale now. Collect your entry form from Flight Centres, Sanity Music Stores, Spurling Formalwear Hire and Australian Red Cross. But hurry, if you want to be computer matched, because you only have until February 5. After this date you can still buy single tickets from Ticketek.

So take the plunge on Dreamworld’s Giant Drop and take a chance on love.

For more information telephone the Desperate and Dateless Hotline on (07) 3835 1270 or visit the official web site at www.desperateanddateless.com.

20 December 1998



The Queensland Premier, Mr Peter Beattie today witnessed the biggest fall in his political career after launching the tallest free fall ride in the world at Dreamworld.  

The Giant Drop, Dreamworld's new $12 million high-tech thrill ride created three world firsts on its maiden despatch.

Aside from being the tallest free fall ride in the world, The Giant Drop has created structural design and construction history for rides of this type, sharing the physical tower that supports the fastest, tallest rollercoaster in the world - the Tower of Terror. The dual 8-seater gondolas are being used for the first time on a ride of this height and design.

Peaking at 119 metres high, passengers experience the exhilaration of falling from 39 storeys at the speed of gravity (up to 135 kilometres per hour) aboard one of two 8-seater gondolas. Until now the tallest ride of this type was the Blue Fall in Hakeijima, Japan which is 107 metres high.

Mr Beattie joined Mr Lawrie Stapleton General Manager of Dreamworld’s listed owner, LeisureWide Property Trust, Dreamworld Chief Executive Officer Mr Fred Maybury and invited guests for the official launch and ride preview experiences.

Commenting on the world first coups, Dreamworld CEO Fred Maybury said new state-of-the-art rides and attractions such as The Giant Drop benefit Dreamworld, the Gold Coast, Queensland and Australia as a tourist destination.

"Tourism, the local economy and theme park visitors are the winners - being able to experience the world’s most technologically advanced rides and attractions in Australia".

Mr Maybury said the Tower of Terror which opened in January 1997 and set the world speed record for rollercoasters was engineered with the opportunity to develop a second ride from the Dreamworld Tower.

"This Christmas guests will be able to experience the best of both worlds - being blasted skyward on the Tower of Terror at speeds of up to 160 kph and free falling downward from 0 to up to 135 kph."

The commissioning process on The Giant Drop will continue up until Boxing Day but the ride will be operational at intervals leading up to December 26 - the start of the Christmas holiday promotion period.

The Giant Drop will add to Dreamworld’s Triple Thrill Christmas line-up which includes four shows daily of Michael Edgley’s All New Moscow Circus (26 December until 24 January 1999. Extended hours 9am to 6.30pm) and the arrival of Tiger Island’s first Bengal tiger cubs./-ENDS

Visit the GIANT DROP Homepage

14 December 1998

Capping off the Park’s Christmas highlights will be Tiger Island’s first generation Bengal tiger cubs. Born on October 23, 1998 (and nick-named the ‘awesome pawsome’- the four cubs - two gold, one white and one tabby will be on display in their purpose-built nursery. Tiger Island is a unique interactive animal attraction and one of only two in the world. In the specifically designed habitat of Tiger Island, the tigers and their handlers co-exist peacefully - playing, swimming and relaxing together all day long.
Visit the TIGER CUBS Homepage

14 December 1998

An added Christmas bonus for guests (included in the normal price of admission) will be ‘Dreamworld and Michael Edgley’s All New Moscow Circus’ featured four times daily from 26 December to 24 January 1999. Presented under the “Big Top”, there will be 16 of the world’s most spectacular circus artists performing inspiring acts, fearless feats and traditional family favourites - clowns, jugglers, trapeze and high-wire artists. Headline acts will include “The Phoenix Flyers” on the flying trapeze, “The Great Fattini” displaying his agility and balance atop the sway pole, the Alegria brothers and their “Giant Wheel”, the daredevil motorcyclists in their “All New Globe of Death” and “The Man in the Bottle”, Hugo Zamoratte.

14 December 1998

Extended trading hours of 9.00am - 6.30pm - commencing 26 December through to 24 January 1999 - will enable guests to fit more fun into their day at the Park to take advantage of the Christmas school holiday activities. Dreamworld is open every day except Christmas Day.

9 July 1998

The Queensland Department of Natural Resources (QNDR) recently adjusted its policy on the introduction and keeping of dingoes to enable breeding of purebred dingoes within approved facilities. QNDR has sanctioned Dreamworld, through a permit held by Park, to breed their pure bred dingoes.

On 3 June 1998, Dreamworld’s purebred dingo, ‘Suzzi’ gave birth to a litter of eight pups, five female, three male. The pups made their public debut as part of Dreamworld’s ‘conservation through education’ program on Thursday 9 July, at five weeks of age.

Commenting on the adjusted QDNR policy on the introduction and keeping of dingoes to enable breeding, Policy Officer - Exotic Species, Maire Bryannah said "Dingoes are a pest to pastoralism in Queensland and may present a threat to the industry and/or the environment in unmanaged situations."

"The QDNR supports the conservation of the purebred dingo while being primarily concerned with the control of dingo and dingo hybrids/wildogs as a pest of primary industry. In Queensland it is illegal to keep dingoes or dingo crosses as private companion animals, fines are applicable and landholders (rural and urban) have a responsibility under the Rural Lands Protection Act 1985 to control dingoes," she said.

The dilution of the Australian Pure-bred dingo population has, in recent times, prompted attempts to conserve the pure bred dingo in captivity.

A register was established by the Australian Dingo Conservation Association (Inc) to maintain data on purebred stock and to assist in the management of captive breeding programs. With the help of independent scientific assessment by dingo expert Laurie Corbett (CSIRO), participating animals, including (now) ‘Suzzi’ and her pups and their father are deemed pure. The register also assists the management of the breeding population by placing pure bred dingoes in appropriate and legal breeding programs like Dreamworld’s.

Dreamworld’s Australian Wildlife Manager, Kevin Bradley said "Dreamworld Wildlife Officers give daily presentations in Park and interact with the dingoes, educating the public on the importance of conservation and species management. Dingoes are declared animals in Queensland under the Rural Lands Protection Act, however this program provides, sensibly for conservation of the species without compromising control of wild dogs."

"Educational talks reinforce to the public that dingoes are wild animals, that people should not approach them in the wild, that they are not suitable pets and that in Queensland it is illegal to own or breed them without a permit," he said "While many Australians believe the dingo to be part of our countries ancestral fauna, it is not and facts such as these are of interest to the public visiting Dreamworld. The educational talks promote a better understanding and contribute to the conservation through education process."

The pure-bred dingo pups will be placed on public display for two one hour periods daily until approximately 8 weeks of age. Following this they will be on permanent display on rotation and involved in educational talks at Dreamworld’s Koala Country.

Summary of issues - captive breeding of purebred dingoes in Queensland:

The purebred dingo is facing extinction through ‘hybridsation’- accidental and/or deliberate interbreeding with feral or stray domestic dogs

National parks and reserves may not adequately protect the purebred dingo from this threat

While purebred dingoes disappear, the wild dog problem continues unabated

Conservation breeding of purebred dingoes in captive situations may be seen as a complement to ongoing control of wild dogs in the open environment

A conservation breeding program would need to be carefully managed and would necessarily involve stringent regulations imposed on participating dingoes, participating institutions and breeding programs

Genetic typing methods for identification of genetically pure dingoes are now available to support research to preserve any animals which may be genetically pure.

Because the gene pool is constantly being diminished, it is important to act now to conserve any animals which may be genetically pure by placing them on a provisional register and identifying and recording their progeny until such times as their genetic status is determined.

The current ban on private keeping and breeding of dingoes and dingo hybrids in Queensland should be maintained indefinitely.

The difference between dingoes and dogs is; dingoes are a wild animal not suited to domestication

20 June 1998

Dreamworld’s Tower of Tower, the fastest, tallest ride in the world blasted its one millionth passenger 115 metres high travelling at up to 160 kilometres per hour on Saturday 20 June.

Since opening on January 23, 1997 the high-tech thrill ride has made 66,668 journeys, travelling a distance of 56,668 kilometres - the equivalent distance to almost one-and-a-half trips around the world.

A group of local Camp Quality children and their families were joined by media personalities to start the countdown at a special breakfast at Dreamworld.

Personalities from Seven Gold Coast News, ABC Channel 2, SEA FM and the Gold Coast Bulletin newspaper took on the role of host to the children, with some help from Dreamworld’s in park entertainers.

At 10.55am on Saturday 13-year-old Nicole Frederiksen of Bethania became the lucky Dreamworld guest to become the Tower of Terror’s one millionth passenger.

Nicole is a regular Dreamworld visitor and has experienced the ride more than 30 times. She was pleasantly surprised when presented with a commemorative rider’s suit, cap and Tower of Terror prize pack by SEA FM personality, Sorbent Boy.

Dreamworld’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Fred Maybury said the Tower of Terror has remained the Park’s number one ride since opening last year - appealing to people of all ages and walks of life.

"In fact, over 70 per cent of Dreamworld’s guests experience the 6.5 seconds of weightlessness and 4.5G’s as they free fall backwards."

"We are very proud of the success the ride has enjoyed, particularly when we claimed the world speed record for rollercoasters last year, registering an unprecedented speed of 161 kilometres per hour," Mr Maybury said.

Peaking at 38 storeys high and stretching the equivalent of three football fields across the Park, a state-of-the-art linear motor system propels the ride to maximum speed.

Swiss company Intamin designed the Tower of Terror for Dreamworld, with the Park itself project managing construction of the leading edge thrill ride.

21 May 1998

Dreamworld’s Director of Special Projects, Mr Len Shaw was today announced inaugural recipient of the Australian Amusement, Leisure and Recreation Association (AALARA) Gold Service Award for his outstanding contribution to the industry.

Vice President of AALARA, Mr Steve Peet presented Mr Shaw with the Award at the conclusion of the association’s annual three-day conference held at Royal Pines Resort (May 19-21).

Mr Shaw’s list of credits is as long as it is high, spanning over 32 years - 15 at Dreamworld. He is the person responsible for construction of the fastest, tallest ride in the world, the Tower of Terror, and attractions such as Wipeout, Tiger Island and Creature Cruise.

Last year Mr Shaw project managed construction and operation of Dreamworld’s Antarctic Adventure, an interactive science and entertainment attraction in Hobart, Tasmania.

Dreamworld’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Fred Maybury congratulated Mr Shaw on the award.

"Len Shaw is one of Dreamworld’s greatest assets. He has contributed enormously to the growth and development of the Park and the industry as a whole. We applaud him for all that he has achieved," Mr Maybury said.

Mr Shaw was instrumental in the formation of AALARA and is currently serving his second term as the Association’s President and Treasurer. Earlier this year he was appointed to the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions and is a member of its Safety and Maintenance Committee.

Mr Shaw is a nine-year member and now Chairman of the Australian Standards ME 51 Committee, responsible for developing Code AS 3533 for construction, operation and maintenance of amusement park equipment.

He is also a member of the Institute of Non-Destructive Testing and the Light Railway Research Society of Australia.

Mr Shaw joined the Dreamworld team in 1983 as Engineer. In 1991 he was promoted to General Manager of Operations, responsible for a diverse portfolio which included the Park’s maintenance, operations, first aid, property and shows and attractions departments. Mr Shaw was appointed Director of Special Projects in 1996.

Mr Shaw has travelled extensively to the USA and Europe to keep abreast of the latest developments and technology in the amusement and entertainment industry.

26 March 1998

Dreamworld, Australia’s favourite family theme park was announced as the winner of Major Tourist Attraction [Category 1], on Wednesday 25 March in the inaugural Brisbane Tourism Awards, hosted by the Brisbane Tourism at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The Major Tourist Attractions category encompasses attractions of significant size, which have a national perspective, can be privately, nationally or corporate owned and may be developed in conjunction with a natural attraction or on its own.

Dreamworld is the only independently owned and operated theme park in Queensland and prides itself in providing more than a day’s entertainment at the best value for money. Constantly changing, $24 million has been invested in product development and capital improvements from January to December, 1997, the qualifying period for the awards.

Commenting on receiving the award, Chief Executive Officer, Fred Maybury said "Since 1990, Dreamworld has moved from strength to strength, each year building upon record visitor growth, which is largely attributed to the domestic market, in particular intra-state and local markets that draw on the South East Queensland and Brisbane regions."

"Despite the tourism industry being acknowledged as ‘soft’, in 1997 Dreamworld registered its greatest number of visitors in the 16 year history of the Park. It is through working with associations such as Brisbane Tourism, and industry partners in the accommodation and transport sectors, that make achieving these results possible," said Mr Maybury.

Situated on 30 hectares at Coomera, Dreamworld was officially opened in December 1981. Over the 16 years of its operation, many rides and attractions have been added to the park, the most recent additions being the A$16 million Tower of Terror and children’s ride, Creature Cruise.

28 March 1998

According to the Chinese Horoscope, 1998 is the Year of the Tiger and Dreamworld’s Tiger Island is using this platform to heighten awareness of the plight of the tiger.

Tiger Island Manager, Mr Patrick Martin-Vegue believes it timely, during the Year of the Tiger, to educate the public and the world at large about the future of this exotic species.

"Tragically the tiger has become an endangered species. And, there is every likelihood that by the year 2010, when the next Year of the Tiger occurs, the species may not exist at all in the wild," Mr Martin-Vegue said.

The worldwide tiger population has decreased by an estimated 95 per cent since the turn of the century, leaving fewer than 4,000 tigers in the wild today. A recent World Wide Fund for Nature report estimates that one more tiger disappears from the wild every day.

Mr Martin-Vegue said: "ironically, contradicting the reverence of the Tiger within the Chinese Horoscope is the fact that poaching still exists predominantly because of the demands of Chinese medicine".

Poaching and selling of tigers by the black market remains the primary human contribution to the demise of the species.

Dreamworld’s Tiger Island is committed to the survival of the tiger and applies a conservation through education approach.

In the sanctuary of Tiger Island, Dreamworld’s five Bengal tigers live in a stress free environment, receiving a good diet, veterinary care and necessary stimulation from interaction with their handlers.

Wild tigers live between 10 and 12 years, while tigers living in interactive environments like Tiger Island have been known to reach over 22 years of age.