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About WinPatrol

WinPatrol was created in response to an increase of password sniffers which can now be embedded in  E-Mail, text documents and even on Web pages. It's just too easy for hackers to violate our personal space and damage your data. A little healthy paranoia of the internet and WinPatrol quickly grew into a multi-function system monitor for the personal computer. The secret to keeping your computer clean and healthy is Scotty the Windows Watch Dog from BillP Studios. If you want to know what program are running on your computer and where they came from WinPatrol is for you.

Did we mention it was FREE?
WinPatrol.exe is the property of BillP Studios but is provided for your use as-is, free of charge. Distribution is restricted and WinPatrol should not be uploaded or FTP'd to other sites or distributed via CD-Rom without permission from BillP Studios. You're welcome to tell your friends or include a link to this page on your web page.

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Startup Programs

The greatest feature of WinPatrol is to routinely review the programs which are installed to automatically start when you first turn on your machine, or restart Windows. This is essential to detect nasty software called worms, or programs which will steal your password and pass them on. It's also great for general computer maintenance and could shorten your boot time

The first time you run WinPatrol Scotty will review a list of these special Startup programs.  References to these program can be found in the Windows Registry,  the WIN.INI file, or your Windows Startup Group.
If at some time a new program is added Scotty will warn you of the change. You'll then see the name of the new program and decide if this program is ok, or if it's suspicious. WinPatrol will provide the properties of any program which is added if available to help you decide.  If you choose to, just Remove it. The actual program will not be deleted from your hard drive. The reference will however be removed so this program is no longer automatically started.

Active Tasks

The Active Task list will display all the programs which are currently running on your computer system. This is mostly an informational display but will allow you to see if any programs you're not aware of are currently running without permission. It's hard to tell just from a file name so the Properties button will show you additional information on who created the file. The Full Report  button will create a full dump of the current tasks and all the information available on each task.


Scotty the Windows Watch Dog loves cookies but he knows some people don't. It's hard to completely turn off cookie support in your browser because so many pages depend on them. WinPatrol will show you what cookies have been downloaded and allow you to review their contents. This allows you to see where it came from and what data is being stored on you. If you don't like it, just press Remove and Scotty will eat the cookie and remove it from your computer. In some cases you might even want to keep a cookie.

Sometimes such as in the case of you're able to create a personalized interface to a site.  The information about your preferences is stored as a cookie. You can check this cookie as one you'd like to keep while allowing Winpatrol to remove all others from your system.

Netscape users will notice only one cookie file is created.  Netscape keeps all it's cookies in one file.  Internet Explorer users will see a separate file for each cookie.  

Domain Info

The Domain Info feature provides contact and address information on the owner of internet sites based on their Domain Name.  Experienced internet users know this as a WhoIs function. Scotty often uses this feature to find out who owns a site which is spamming his junk mail. Scotty does not like Spam.  If you find a site address you're not sure off, or invited to visit a suspicious site, use Domain Info to find out who the owner is.


Under most conditions Scotty is asleep while you're doing your daily work. He wakes up every so many minutes based on your settings. Performance was an important concern so you won't find WinPatrol slowing down your computer. Warnings of new programs and cookies will come when Scotty wakes up and sniffs them out. The Options page will allow you to select your performance based on your own computer performance and personal needs.

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