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Thu May 06 11:52:57 1999

Dear Mr. Drudge:

Please forgive me for sending you this email, I really wanted to send this to Jeff Gerth and James Risen at the NY Times, but have been unable to find their email addresses, so I am sending this to you in the hopes that somehow this information will find its way to them, or others at the NYT or anywhere else who may be interested. I originally sent this email to Todd Purdum, Bureau Chief for the NY Times in LA, but (as expected...I got no response).

As you know, Wen Ho Lee has been identified as a possible spy for the Communist Chinese Government, however he has not been indicted by the government. There are several very uncomfortable aspects to this accusation that I think should be considered by Jeff Gerth and by James Risen as they continue to investigate this story.

1. Mr. Lee has not been indicted. Every major spy scandal that has broken in the past few years has started from the time the suspects were arrested and charged. This one started when a Clinton Administration source leaked the story well in advance of any (and to date, none) discovery of criminal law violations. This is a rather unique situation.

2. Mr. Lee's wife was originally (in Mr. Risen's 3/9/99 article) identified by "FBI and Energy Department officials" as having a suspicious part in all of this, but that she was not a suspect. Last Friday, 4/30/99, the LA Times noted in their article that Sylvia Lee was not only not a suspect, but had actually been an FBI informant for several years. This information apparently was not made known to Mr. Risen at the time of his 3/9/99 article, and the question should be why would the administration tell him that Sylvia Lee's activities raised questions when she was an informant for the FBI ? In addition, the LA Times article notes that Wen Ho Lee himself had at times been an informant for the FBI. Was Mr. Risen aware of this at the time ? If not, why not ?

3. It has not been established what, if any secrets have actually been stolen, and by whom. Why is this ? How can it be that an accusation is made against someone and we don't even know if a crime has been committed ?

4. Why would a Taiwanese born, naturalized U.S. citizen provide secrets to the bitter enemy of Taiwan (assuming that his loyalties were not to the U.S.), the Communist Chinese ? Why not Taiwan ?

5. Has any money been paid to Wen Ho Lee that cannot be explained by other means that might indicate financial gain for stolen secrets ?

6. How can it be that the Energy Department can accuse someone of possibly emailing secrets to the Communists in the 1980s, when email outside of government legacy systems generally did not exist, or was widely used at the time ? Remember, email like I am using to send this message has only been around for a few years, and not in the 1980s. This is a highly dubious allegation.

7. Why did the U.S. Attorney in New Mexico state in the LA Times article that the information that the administration had put out last week (that Mr. Lee would be arrested within three weeks) was (paraphrasing here), "inaccurate, misleading and wrong" and that Mr. Lee was continuing to cooperate fully with the investigation? This directly refutes Secretary Richardson's comments in the 3/9/99 article that Lee "stonewalled".

This Administration has used the technique of smearing people in an attempt to discredit them, in order to deflect examination of the competence and/or illegal activities that they themselves have engaged in. This has been done repeatedly with incipient scandals the Mr. Clinton has been a part of. Remember the Kathleen Wiley leaks of documents in an attempt to discredit her ? Remember the "stalker" story that was to be used to discredit Monika Lewinsky ? This has been a standard ploy used to use spokesmen of the Administration to cover of the glaring problems. Madeline Albright, other Cabinet members, several U.S. Senators and members of Clinton's personal staff, including his legal team have all provided false cover stories provided by the White House to cover up wrongdoing. The question here should be, is this yet another example of this activity ? I do not know if Wen Ho Lee is a spy for the Communist Chinese or not, but he certainly does not fit any type of profile that I am aware of. Since this administration lies daily about the Kosovo situation, and has zero credibility, why doesn't someone try to find out what is happening on the ground in New Mexico, instead of listening to the disinformation spilling out of the organs in Washington ?

I would be sincerely grateful is you could please forward this to anyone interested at the NYT, and if you would kindly let me know if you have. I realize that this is a request and that you have no obligation, but I am very concerned that yet another family is in the process of being destroyed by government lies.

Dear Mr. Drudge,

Thanks for keeping us web-heads as well-informed as possible. But this latest move by Secretary Albright has me wishing we had leaders more like Teddy Roosevelt: If she is so insistent that the U.S. be a component of the "Peace Keeping" forces in Kosovo, why doesn't she lead the way and walk point with the first of the U.S. troops. Otherwise, this whole situation will have all the makings of eventually being referred to in the future as "Madeline's Mess" or "Albright's Folly".

Thanks for letting me vent....


Did I REALLY see James Carville and his wife in bed in a TV advertisement for cotton? Are they really so stupid as to tarnish their product by guilt by association, associating something as simple and wholesome as cotton with the Master of Deceit, the King Slander, Lies and Propaganda.

I just hate James Carville and all he does. If Democracy dies in America, it will be because people like Carville enriched themselves by selling lies, slandering and assassinating people's characters to serve their political bosses.

Seeing James Carville peddle a product makes me doubt the honesty of hte product.

Remember when Clinton had his first Bimbo Eruption. Carville went on the attack, going on TV to say "Paula Jones, she's jest a lying for tha money. She's a doctorin' them tapes. She's what ya git when ya troll a hunnert dolla bill thru the tray-yu-ler paaark." James Carville says' Paula Jonse is Trailer Trash !!! The pot says the kettle is too black. James Carville is the product of the love scene in the movie Deliverance.

With all the lies and deceit in his history, why would anyone be stupid enough to use Carville to sell their product?

What's the matter, couldn't they get Joseph Goebbels? Maybe they can use Charlie Manson in the next advertisement. OJ Simpson would do it too. He's just as wholesome as Carville.

And don't tell me it was balanced because Mary Matalin was on the other side of him, hiding under the cover. That won't wash.

If Carville represents cotton, that makes Polyester look honest. A third of the people in America hate Carville. Advertisers should think twice before using him.

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