Jeffrey D. Ullman

Jeff Ullman is the Stanford W. Ascherman Professor of Computer Science. His interests include database theory, database integration, data mining, and education using the information infrastructure.


What's New

New Book

Database System Implementation by Hector Garcia-Molina, Jennifer Widom, and me has been sent to the publisher, Prentice-Hall. Look for it in June. The Table of Contents can be examined now.

Spring Courses

I'll be teaching two courses in the spring:
  1. CS99H, a freshman seminar, is on "programming and problem solving." An Outline of the Course is available, as is The Web page for the class. Prerequisite: Please have CS106X, CS106B, or advanced placement in CS.

  2. CS345, my occasional course on database theory. It will be on SITN for the first time in a while. Note: the time for the course has been changed; it is MW 12:50 -- 2:05PM in 156 Terman. I plan to emphasize information integration: mediators, warehouses, data-cubes, etc. There is a good deal of theory that is useful for this study, including logical databases and ``universal relation'' theory, something I thought had died years ago. We'll be covering this theory as a preliminary. See The Class Web Page. I also have Class Notes from previous years. Prerequisites: CS145 and a course with logic, e.g., CS154.

My Academic Tree

As part of my advisor Art Bernstein's 60th birthday celebration, his academic tree was traced. Part of that is my own academic tree. It is still not complete, and I would appreciate hearing from or about former students, grandchildren, etc., whose whereabouts are unknown.

Recently Published Books

A First Course in Database Systems by Jeff Ullman and Jennifer Widom was published by Prentice-Hall in April, 1997. It teaches database systems from the point of view of the user, especially database design and programming.

The second edition of Elements of ML Programming appeared at the end of 1997, also by Prentice-Hall. It revises the book to conform to the new ML97 standard.

Top Twenty DB Web Pages

The ``top ten'' Web hits on the database pages is now the Top Twenty List. It now looks at the past 6 days of hits, divided into two three day segments to compute changes.

Recent Publications

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