This page offers enough distinct sections that I've decided to break it down a bit finally. Hope this helps for everybody.

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I recently had a horrendous time with a company by the name of Provantage. Here is a copy of the letter I sent to their customer service department.

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Nexus Server Stuff

For more information on Nexus, please follow
this link.

Soft Code Stuff

MultiDescer for MUX
This Multidescer should work for TinyMUX 1.2 and above.

Hard Code Hacks

@backup command
This patch was coded by Wadhah Al-Tailji (, 7-24-97. This will provide an @backup command, which will let you safely perform backups of your database. It is a large workaround for the problem of safe backups, but it is effective. Download it, and read the comments at the top for more information on what exactly it does, how it does it, and whether or not it will be of use to you.
The GODONLY Flag was coded by Jacob@The StoryTeller's Circle. To quote the helpfile:
GODONLY When an object is set GODONLY, only #1 may modify the object's attributes. The object may be moved, or may have its inventory altered, but any attributes on the object itself are locked, and no new ones may be added. The object also may not be destroyed.
Line() function
This is the line() function from mux in a minute, translated into hardcode. Apply the patch, and you can remove the softcode version of the function. The only difference is that the \ character is now translated correctly, and one function call returns the line, rather than the several from before.
Improved Rand()
Many times, people complain about the lack of randomness provided by the rand() function. This is not a fault of TinyMUX, but rather a fault of the operating system running TinyMUX.This patch is an implementation of the minimal standard as outlined in "The Communications of the ACM" October 1988, Vol. 31, Issue 10. I hope this can improve the issue somewhat by providing for a standard rand() function which has some huge period (something like 2x10^53, if memory serves correctly).
My Personal MUX Patches
This patch file of mine adds aliases to the multi-guests, and puts begin and end text markers around forwarded mail.
+SHelp Patch
This patch file puts in a +shelp command. This a version of +help which is available to staffers only (so put all staff only help commands in here, and your players can't access them). Note that name of the file to be edited is 'staffhelp.txt', and belongs in the text directory with plushelp.txt. It also shares the same format as plushelp.txt. Credit goes to Myrddin@Dreaming for this patch.

Account Level Stuff

Have an unstable site for your mux? Check this page out for info on how to make it keep coming back up.
New feature! Email backups to an account! A Backup script for use with MUX and MUSH. Put it into a crontab entry, and let it do the rest. Don't forget to configure it by editing the top section of the script!
Brandy +Mail Aliases For TinyMUX @Mail Commands
This file contains a list of aliases which can make tinymux @mail commands look almost exactly like Brandy +mail commands. To use it, simply edit your gamename.conf file to include this line:
include brandy-alias.conf
And make sure the file is in your tinymux/game directory.

Web Page Stuff

To Do Listing
A perl script for a web page which will let you maintain a to do listing complete with priorities and categories. A general scratchpad is also available, along with links of use up at the top. Read the readme in the file for instructions on how to install it.

TinyFugue And Other Client Stuff

Clone (A TinyFugue Macro)
This macro is used to clone an object from one MU* to another MU*. In order to use it, use the following commands:
        /load clone.txt
        /clone <world which has the object> <world which will get the object> <object to be cloned>
Some TinyFugue Macros
This file contains two macros for the mu* client TinyFugue. The two macros are:

Mux In A Minute Stuff

Mux-In-A-Minute 0.31
This is Mux-In-A-Minute version 0.31. Read the instructions in 'Install.txt' for more detailed instructions on how to install this package. After installation, read '+help projects' to see what I have yet to do. Read +help and +shelp for detailed help with any command. Basic installation: Upload the files in this package to your mux server using tf. Install the +shelp patch included in this file. Restart the server, and use.
Mux-In-A-Minute 0.31 Patch
This is a quotable text file to upload which will upgrade from Mux In A Minute version 0.29 to version 0.31.
Mux-In-A-Minute 0.29 Patch
This is a quotable text file to upload which will upgrade from Mux In A Minute version 0.27a to version 0.29.
Mux-In-A-Minute 0.27a Patch
The previous version of Mux-In-A-Minute had a problem in +finger. This patch updates this to be fixed now. Simply upload this file to your mux, and it will do the rest.

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