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  • Time Digital The Next Generation of Search New search engines are taking on the old guard, armed with radical new technology. May 5, 1999.

  • Google: Learn What Future Web Innovations Require Webpedia Opinions.

  • La Revolucion Google! Diario del Navegante. Written in Spanish by Ramon Salaverria April 21, 1999.

  • Internet Info for Real People by Bob Brand.

  • Internet Chock Full of Really Cool Stuff Evansville Courier & Press review by James Derk.

  • Brill's Content reviews the best of the web in an article by Noah Robischon Portals/Search Sites.

  • In Search of Success by David Green of the Independent Network, March 29, 1999.

  • Critic Mark Frauenfelder writes in the April issue of Playboy,

    "..when I want to quickly get to the most authoritative sites on a topic, I use a search engine called Google."

  • The Hersh Web Site Observer states in an issue dated March 22, 1999,

    "This search engine uses a complicated mathematical analysis, calculated on more than a billion hyperlinks on the web, to return high-quality search results so you don't have to sift through junk."

  • John Naughton wrote in The Observer, a British Sunday Newspaper, March 14, 1999:

    "Sergey Brin and Larry Page, two...Stanford graduates with a great idea and a wacky name. Google ( indexes Web pages using an ingenious algorithm which ranks a site on the basis of who links to it."

  • "Getting BeGoogled" The Internet Newsroom. February 1999.

  • Washington Post: Search and Now You Find the Right Stuff by Margot Williams, February 22, 1999.

    "Google is a new search engine that takes advantage of the cyberspace community's collective expertise. Just as you trust the links on a really good site to get you to other good pages, Google crawls the Web scooping up hyperlinks and uses them to figure out how important a page is by who is pointing to it."

  • In the February 22, 1999 issue of Newsweek, Steven Levy touts Google as

    "the Net's hottest new search engine, (which) draws on feedback from the Web itself to deliver more relevant answers to customer queries."
  • Review and discussion about Google in Tech Sightings, Andover News Network, by Robin Miller, February 18, 1999.

  • The Search for the Perfect Search Engine. February 7, 1999. Seattle Times.

  • Review of Three Up and Coming Search Engines" by Paula Dragutsky of Suite

  • January 27, 1999: Next Brainchild To Go Big?", by Tom Taulli, TechWeb.

  • January 19, 1999: Unknown Search Gems by Greg Notess, Planet IT.

  • January 17, 1999: Google hailed as "the best way to navigate the Web" by Jakob Nielsen's AlertBox.

  • Excerpt from Release 1.0, "Gaga for Google", Jan. 15, 1999 by Kevin Werbach.

    "Despite the remarkable success of portals built around search engines, there has been little published research on improving Internet search results. Page and Brin stepped into this breach with Google."
  • January 7, 1999: Google mentioned in Voir, the Montreal newspaper.

  • Stanford Daily Review: Grads Launch Search Engine.

  • December 30, 1998: Google mentioned in The Andover News Network: Jack Bryar's Column.

    "...if you need to find the best sites--fast, for subjects ranging from medieval life to ISDN technology, make this the first place you look."
  • December 28, 1998: Le Monde: Google à la conquête de la Toile by Denis Delbecq.

  • From the December 21, 1998 Salon Magazine Article: Yes, There Is a Better Search Engine by Scott Rosenberg.

    ...Google gets remarkably smart search results by using a mathematical algorithm that rates your site based on who links to you. The ranking depends not simply on the number of sites that link to you, but on the linking sites' own importance rating. The result is a kind of automated peer review that sifts sites based on the collective wisdom of the Web itself.

    The program is complex, but the proof is in the results. Since discovering Google a few weeks ago, I've been so impressed with its usefulness and accuracy that I've made it my first search stop....
  • Google was mentioned in ZDNet's Anchor Desk: Smarter Searches: Why Search Engines Are *Again* the Web's Next Big Thing by Jesse Berst.

  • From the December 1998 PC Magazine review of Google! by Breck Witte.

    ...Yahoo! and newcomer Google! were the only sites in our roundup to return highly relevant hits consistently, even on searches for very general or common terms such as Internet standards...

    ...Newcomer Google! deserves an honorable mention for its generally uncanny ability to find a great hit for your number-one result...

    Searching the Web has increasingly become a two-stage process--execute a search, then wade through the results trying to find what you're actually looking for. Google!, an ongoing research project at Stanford University, helps you access the most relevant finds more quickly, and rivals Yahoo! for finding that handful of key sites you may be looking for.

    The site's unique PageRank function indicates how many Web pages point to a particular document. Google! uses PageRank to decide which documents in the result set you might want to see first. For example, when searching for the National Institutes of Health, we entered the acronym NIH, and the NIH home page appeared at the top of our list. Google! is so confident that it includes an "I'm feeling lucky" button that retrieves Google!'s top pick for your search.

    Google!'s large collection of cached pages is equally useful. We found ourselves visiting a document's cached page to assess its relevance, then linking to the live page for time-sensitive information.

    If you're used to performing complex Boolean searches, you'll find Google!'s search capabilities limiting. It really offers only simple keyword searching. The ability to truncate search terms would be a welcome addition to this promising new site.
  • Writeup in Red Herring Online, Google Graduates, by Georgie Raik-Allen.

  • We were mentioned in Business Week (around 9/25) and Edupage.

  • Online Magazine Search Engine Update, by Greg Notess.

  • Extensive interview in the "Industry Standard" (New Magazine about the Internet Economy) The Future of Search Engines, by Mark Frauenfelder.

  • We were mentioned several times at's "News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters."

  • Danny Sulivan quoted us in his mailing list at

  • Annapolis Capital Newspaper: Yahoo for new search engine.

  • December 10, 1998: Google write up in KeyMariah Newsbreak.

  • Locomotive News (In Russian).

  • Tasty Bits from the Technology Front: Google: High relevancy Web searching.

  • Heise Online (In German).

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