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April 20, 1999 For immediate release


OTTAWA - Canada Post Corporation wants to inform Canadians that the Internet rumour about plans for a 5-cent charge to be applied to every e-mail message delivered by an Internet service provider is entirely fictitious and has no basis in fact.

Last week, Canada Post discovered a message posted on the Internet suggesting that legislation was being pushed through the House of Commons that would see the corporation and the federal government benefit from a 5-cent tax on every e-mail delivered.

"There is absolutely no truth to the story," says Alain Guilbert, Canada Post's Vice-president of Communications. "In fact, the Liberal Member of Parliament, the Bill, and the Toronto lawyer named in the story don't even exist."

Canada Post threatened legal action against the Internet service provider and shortly thereafter a full-page apology was posted on the Internet discussion group where the message first appeared.

In terms of electronic services, Canada Post is currently testing a secure Electronic Post Office BoxTM (EPOBTM) in association with Cebra Inc. When the new service is offered as early as this summer, entirely free of charge to consumers, individuals will be able to obtain an Electronic Post Office BoxTM from Canada Post and choose to receive various pieces of mail electronically, including bills, forms, catalogues, advertisements and other documents. Thanks to an exclusive electronic postmark attached to each piece of electronic mail, the new service will ensure the privacy, integrity and high security standards currently provided by traditional mail service.

For more information about the Electronic Post Office BoxTM, please visit our What's New section.

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