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Doc Doc Mids- - The GS/GM Mids sequenced by "Doc Doc", with liner notes of each tune.
Original Midi Music Collection- - A basic collection of orginal Midi Music.
Nothin' But Da' Blues- - It Ain't Black, It Ain't White, It's Just Midi Blues.
Doc's Jamin' Midi Tracks- - A collection for guitarists, drummers and basic rhythm folks to jam with.
Doc's Drum Patterns- - Doc Doc's collection of Drum Patterns
Midi Links- - Midi and Guitar Tab Links.
Searching the Internet for a Certain MIDI File- - This is Charles Kelly's Midi Search Routine. It is the BEST. If it ain't here it does not exist.
MIDI Search Zodchiy- - Data Base of 302,000 Links
Doc's Jam in OKC (WAV) - Live recording around Christmas '96 in Oklahoma City of Doc doin' some Blues
Copyrights - Wish to make it clear, Do not send me ANY Midi Production type midi files.  I do not want them.
Awards - Thank you for the recognition.

Blues Lyrics- - Just a few lyrics for some Blues
Rock N Roll Ring- - A ring that site is a member of

Web Page Images- - Just what it is. Stuff for your page.
Doc's Fun Links- - Where I go to relax and experience the fun part of the Internet.
Doc's Waiting Room- - Something to be experienced at least once. Links to the expected and unexpected. Graphics Free Version- - of the Waitin Room

Jokes and 1 liners- - A Collection of "Clean" Jokes geared to make you smile.
Blues Men- - Pics of some Blues Artists I have come to know over the years
Letters of a Found Father to His Lost Children- - Reprint of the infamous short letters of a forgotten Stepfather to his remembered children.

News - Site Updates & Etc. Probably should not be here unless you have nothing to do.
Due to the changing nature of the midi scene, I have curtailed the hosting of the Large Selected Midi Section from 110+ differnt sequencers. Links to many of their pages can be fount in the Midi Lnk Page. If any wish to have their links removed, please notify me.
If you are unaware of the current situation concerning mid files in general, here is a great article:
The Copyright Crisis
Also you might want to check out: International Midi Fight
This site is devoted to GS & GM compatible Mids.

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