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About PF.Magic
PF.Magic , from its toy and game-filled offices in San Francisco’s "Multimedia Gulch" is best known for its top selling Dogz and Catz virtual Petz products. The company has been recognized as the worldwide leader of the emerging category of "living character" based entertainment, having developed many award-winning, top selling products.

The Company’s management team brings a wealth of experience in the consumer electronics, video game, entertainment and multimedia businesses. With world-class expertise in Artificial Intelligence, character development, game design, and Internet development, PF.Magic focuses its creative and technical resources on the creation of "living character" based entertainment. PF.Magic develops, primarily, for CD-ROM and Internet and Windows compatible software.

PF.Magic unleashed the world’s first interactive virtual Petz, when Dogz initially dashed onto computer desktops in the fall of 1995, helping to spark an ongoing and growing worldwide demand for virtual Petz. Catz pounced onto the scene in the spring of 1996, followed by those wacky Oddballz in the fall of 1996. The highly successful follow-on, Dogz II and Catz II, scampered onto computer desktops in 1997. Virtual Petz were the first interactive titles to combine artificial intelligence and 3-D animation to bring real life to computer desktops.

To date, PF.Magic has sold more than 2 million copies of its virtual Petz "living character" worldwide and has won many awards for its pioneering work in the interactive "living character" market. Petz lovers can adopt and sample the company’s virtual Petz products from the PF.Magic Web site at This immensely popular Web site has hosted over 3 million unique visitors since its launch in 1995, and now draws visitors at the rate of over 500,000 a month. Also, debuting in 1997, Dogz and Catz plush dolls were introduced into the toy market by Trendmasters, Inc. under a licensing agreement with PF.Magic.

Other award winning, character based, products released by PF.Magic, include Ballz, and Max Magic. Ballz, the first 3-D fighting game for the Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo and 3DO platforms, received rave reviews from the critics for its innovative 3-D game play as well as its unique character design and humor. Max Magic, the world’s first electronic magic kit, represented a breakthrough in interactive 3-D character design. Max Magic received numerous prestigious awards for its uniquely intuitive way of entertaining and teaching children and adults about magic.

Founded in 1991, PF.Magic was acquired by the Learning Company in May of 1998. PF.Magic is now a part of Mindscape, a subsidiary of the Learning Company.

About PF.Magic

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