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Shogo Weapons
Aegis AT-S4 Aegis AT-S4
Aegis AT-S4 A simple, compact, lightweight assault weapon that, because of its bullpup design, doesn't compromise accuracy. It also provides infantry with the heavy firepower of a multipurpose grenade launcher.

The AT-S4 uses a 4.73 AP alloy-core cartridge that offers good penetration, high explosive dual purpose (HEDP) implosion grenades, and timed "Wump" K12 flash grenades.

4.73mm AP cartridge
HEDP implosion grenades
"Wump" K12 flash grenades
Feed: 30-round magazine
Weight: 4.52kg
Length: 785mm
Used by: Human

Skalla M25 Skalla M25
Skalla M25 Fires from an open bolt, allowing it to dissipate heat efficiently at the expense of accuracy. High saturation and rugged, lightweight design compensate this shortcoming.

Ammunition: 9mm AP cartridge
Feed: 30-round magazine
Weight: 2.92kg
Length: 548mm
Used by: Human

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