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  Will letos ever win?
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posted 04-14-99 09:43 PM ET (US)     Profile   Email   Edit Post
For those of you that know nothing about strategy , a balance of power must be maintained to keep one faith from getting too far out of reach. Do the letos want to win? Are they content to always finish behind the barnies? You guys are embarrassing , to play a game that you are supposed to try and win and settling for second place. There is no need for any cross faith alliances since they got rid of the default setting of Angelique. Almost every attack against me this game has been a barnie leto combo. Where is your competitive spirit? Fight for yourselves and maybe that "lapdog" label will go away , I have even had some barnies tell me that they will get some letos to do their dirty work. Is this what you want?

Play ball!

Mick Fenian
posted 04-14-99 09:58 PM ET (US)     Profile   Email   Edit Post
Not all of my faith are "lap dogs" as you say. i personally am just as quick to kill followers of Barnabas as i am followers of your faith. it makes no difference to me what faith you follow. in my eyes, all heathens are created equal.

Nec Timeo Nec Sperno
I Neither Fear Nor Despise

posted 04-14-99 10:59 PM ET (US)     Profile   Email   Edit Post
Unfortunetly Coach, the Leto's are like tamed animals released into the wild. They just would not be able to make it. They need the protection of the Barnies. You should do what just about everybody else does, fight Barnies and ignore the Leto's. There a second rate religion.

Never trust a Barnie that isn't dead

posted 04-15-99 09:38 AM ET (US)     Profile   Email   Edit Post
if us Letos are second rate to Barnies, that must make you Angies third rate


posted 04-15-99 10:21 AM ET (US)     Profile   Email   Edit Post
Imagine that...A game with three faiths...And you're getting attacked by BOTH of the other two?


Please, everyone...Line up and take turns, or you won't get a chocolate before naptime.

I'd just like to say quit the bitching, because next game, all the Barnies are going to be bitching about gangbangs and tag teaming and I'll tell them to shut up too. It's getting pathetic. Every game someone has to whine and complain that they're not on top. Someone's gotta be number one but it's just not your turn yet. Need I remind everyone that last game, the Angies were ganging up with the Letos to kill the Barnies? And a game or two ago, it was Blue and Red tagteaming Gold? Won't everyone see it's a cycle and accept it and then just move the hell on?

Yes, yes, I know...You're trying to "fix" it this time around so that everything changes. There'll be no behind-the-curtains scheming going on, everyone'll play fair, etc.etc. but it's simply not happening. All your doing is adding more incentive to the bitching, because -if- Leto and Angie teamed up to attack the Barnies, one of them would wind up on top there too, prompting the Barnies to cry to the second place one the same things you're crying now, and it'll just happen again, same story, different characters. Why? Because that's how it always works out. Basic psychology of sticking three warring factions together.

So now someone's going to say "Well, I wasn't asking Leto to join us, only that they start attacking Barny more and us less."

That'll happen... For a while. Then one of the three will ask one of the others all over again for some help. And the cycle returns.

I don't know everything, I'm not claiming to be a Braniac with all the answers, I'm not claiming to be right with this post, and I know I'm missing some things so if you'd just kindly pojke some holes into this so I could fill them in that'd be much appreciated.


Another GoPF guy, A PokeFriend
Gentleman of BoB

posted 04-15-99 10:54 AM ET (US)     Profile   Email   Edit Post
josh17, you are close by calling them animals but i think you missed it by a little. I squashed one the other day, man did it stink too, i tried all day to scrap it off my shoe, but everywhere i went, they knew i killed a leto that day.

posted 04-15-99 12:50 PM ET (US)     Profile   Email   Edit Post
You guys are soooooo wrong about the Letos. I, for One, enjoy beating the HELL out of both Angies AND Barnies. Especially when all they do is give up and die!LOL

Seems to me that you guys are the little BUGS in the world that keep messing up everyone's shoes and furniture. Mostly like termites I'd say, not really there, but easily squashed.

By-the-way, Letos rule the day when Barnies and Angies go out to play.

You got a problem with me? Too bad!!!
Take this job and SHOVE IT.

posted 04-15-99 02:30 PM ET (US)     Profile   Email   Edit Post
I couldn't agree with you more, Josh. Letos wouldn't know the feeling of victory if it was sitting on their face.

Be sure not to spill your drink on the battlefield

posted 04-15-99 03:13 PM ET (US)     Profile   Email   Edit Post
Victory isn't viewed the same by all it seems. You can claw down every kingdom you meet, undefeated, and be just as victorious as the (Angie/Barnie/Leto) king at the top...

If you keep your nose clean and play your faith true rather than bastardizing it with mixing of others, the game would be a lot more enjoyable.. that is, unless you just relish in all the bitching and moaning.

Trust me, I couldn't care if it was Barnie or Angie that I rolled right over, its a holy war. I fully expect them to try to return the favor, without any obligations of these bs alliances you guys keep harping on. Strangely, however, the ones that harp the loudest in some twisted form of revenge seemed to have created their own vengeful little mini-guild sects.

And Josh, tsk tsk.. it would be a cold day in hell before I'd ask another faith to cover me on any game issues.

::shrugs.. I've got PMS.. bad... everybody back away n' nobunny get hurt.. hehehe

- Stormi

posted 04-15-99 03:24 PM ET (US)     Profile   Email   Edit Post
Stormi are you a liberal? What kind of nonsense is that, there are other ways to claim victory.

There is only 1 way to claim victory and that is to be KING or QUEEN. Second place is for wimps. I don;t want to ever hear anything like that again. It makes me shudder. It's like those little league games where they don't keep score. What's the point? If you don't here the other kids crying when they lose, the entire game was meaningless. How else can parents be proud?

Never trust a Barnie that isn't dead

posted 04-15-99 03:50 PM ET (US)     Profile   Email   Edit Post
Arsenal , you missed the point completely , therefore a braniac not. There was not a single whine in the post , but a challenge , a call to arms to all the letos to be their own man. If any of you have ever played Risk , you should know what I mean , the game is the most fun when every , every , every player is out to win , not to finish second. No one who is in fact an enemy ( based on different faiths )should ever help out the other unless there is a lack of balance of power , and then only until the balance is restored. If you cannot understand this , then either you do not care about winning , or you know nothing about strategy.

Play ball!

posted 04-15-99 03:57 PM ET (US)     Profile   Email   Edit Post
Congratulations Josh.

You just lost all the respect I gained for you in the VTA vs BoB threads.

I'll be sure to have my GM assign my squad to your kingdom for our next strike.

Gentleman of BoB

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posted 04-15-99 04:03 PM ET (US)     Profile   Email   Edit Post
It was somewhat of a whine. And this is not the only thread on the subject.

And Risk, Axis and Allies, you name the game, (I play 'em all) there's -always- the gang up mentality when someone starts to lead.

Another GoPF guy, A PokeFriend
Gentleman of BoB

posted 04-15-99 04:11 PM ET (US)     Profile   Email   Edit Post
Arse: Chaos and Guild are too different games. And I play them just like that.

P.S. Who needs your respect, definetly not me.

Never trust a Barnie that isn't dead

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posted 04-15-99 04:16 PM ET (US)     Profile   Email   Edit Post
Nonsense? Typically holy wars were not fought for one individual, i.e. kingdom, but for the faith itself. That is how *I* visualize this game, Josh. I didn't say we all viewed it alike. In fact, I said that we didn't.

I'd be far prouder of coming in at #33 on my kingdom, w/o using bs OOC, he said/she said, OOC mixing tactics... than lets say.. # 1 and possibly using tactics dishonorable.

Jus' MHFO.. ::shrugs.. and what the 'ell is up with this sloooooooooooow web today?!


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