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Ever since I became a major fan of film music, I've wanted an orchestral version of the Goonies soundtrack. This soundtrack would include all music composed by famous film composer David Grusin. As you may know, a soundtrack version was released, but it contained a lot of 80's music and only one song by David Grusin. Currently, there are no plans to release a new soundtrack.

That's where you come in. As a fan of film music and The Gooines, I urge you to write in and demand for a new soundtrack. Why? Well, look at the soundtracks that have been coming out: Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Back to the Future. Why not The Goonies? Because no one knows of the demand. We must make them know.

When I've talked to various people about this, they all suggested that the company most likely to release this soundtrack would be David Grusin's own company, GRP Records. Their mailing address is:

555 West 57th St
New York
NY 10019

I have already written several letters, but I received no response. If you would like to read my letter, click here. If you're going to write a letter, please do not copy it word-for-word, or they might catch on.

Please e-mail me if you write a letter, or if you receive a response. If you want to, you can read GRP's Message Board or visit www.davegrusin.com for info on his new album from West Side Story.

A while ago, GRP Records released a CD with various works by David Grusin. The Fratelli Chase Theme was among these songs. Also, a CD was released in 1994 called Best of Adventure. This German CD released by "edel company" contained 9 Goonies songs along with several other movie themes. However, the CD has recently been discontinued. If you're interested in finding the CD, e-mail me, because I might have some new info on where to find it.

To show your support of a new Goonies soundtrack, please sign my guestbook. I am going to frequently send letters to GRP Records with quotes from the guestbook to show how high of a demand there is. If you want to, you can view my guestbook.

Use the banner below on your own homepage to endorse the writing campaign and get more participation!

Click here to see what a new Goonies soundtrack might contain.

Click on the pictures below to hear RealAudio examples of David Grusin's work on The Goonies.

Click on the picture below to hear a shortened MP3 version of the Best of Adventure CD track. (7 minutes, 14 seconds, 6.6mb)

UPDATE! 3-10-98: I've made a banner for this site. Please post it on your homepage for more participation on the writing campaign. Also, if you have linked to this site, you might want to change your link. Our URL is now also http://come.to/goonies-soundtrack. Our current URL will be dead in a few months.

3-09-98: Someone recently wrote me e-mail saying that he had a bootleg copy of The Goonies Score Soundtrack on CD. The person sent me a copy to let me listen. If others of you have seen such a claim, be warned. It is NOT a complete score soundtrack. In fact, it's a doctored-up version of the Best of Adventure CD track with a few more songs thrown in (Goonies R Good Enough by Cyndi Lauper and a version of the Sloth and Chunk rescue song). While it is not the score soundtrack we want, it is still good. It has all the Best of Adventure tracks as well as the much asked about Cyndi Lauper song (and the CD quality sound is excellent). If you don't mind spending $23 on it, e-mail Epiphany Projects to place an order or request more information. For those of you who cannot get their hands on the Best of Adventure CD, I highly recommend buying this bootleg soundtrack. It will hold us all over until the new score soundtrack is released.

2-8-98: Nothing much new. There have been some small changes in the page over the past month (new background, new counter, etc.) I will be sending out another letter to GRP Records soon. Please, if you have not already written a letter, write one. If you have written a letter, write another one.

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