The odds were once again stacked against a member of the Union as Ken Shamrock took on Triple H, with Chyna as the special referee. The Ninth Wonder of the World repeatedly helped Triple H, giving Shamrock a low blow from behind one on occasion, setting up HHH for the Pedigree and the win!

Two of the largest and most prominent superstars in the business squared off next and The Big Show took on the Undertaker. The Undertaker was overpowered for perhaps the first time in his career, but the Lord of Darkness compensated for his size disadvantage by deliberately breaking the rules. First Paul Bearer drenched the Phenom's elbow pad with ether alcohol and the Undertaker attempted to knock out The Big Show by jamming the pad right under his nose. But that planned failed as The Big Show was able to throw the Undertaker over his head. Bearer and the Undertaker turned to plan B-Bearer grabbed the baseball bat and handed it to his protégé. Undertaker shattered it over The Big Show's skull! The Big Show was knocked unconscious and busted open, and the Undertaker climbed on top of him saying, "this is my show!"

In an Evening Gown Match signed for Shane McMahon's own personal satisfaction, Debra was scheduled to take on Sable. But via satellite, Sable appeared on the Titan Tron and said she couldn't be there because she was at the Playboy mansion preparing for her next photo shoot. The Federation Women's Champion announced that she had a replacement, though-Nicole Bass! Bass emerged in a long black evening gown. Upon seeing the sight of Bass, Debra "forfeited" by stripping down to her bra and panties on her own! Bass grabbed her from behind and was set to take off Debra's bra, but Jeff Jarrett ran from the back and broke his guitar over Bass' head! Val Venis came out-perhaps to the aid of Bass-and ran off Jarrett. The Big Valbowski then picked up Debra and carried her back to the locker room as an angry Jarrett chased after. In the backstage area, as Debra and Val got a little more comfortable, Jarrett attacked the adult film star from behind.

What was scheduled to be a Lumberjack Match between Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock turned into an all-out brawl. The "lumberjacks," all members of the Corporate Ministry, jumped into the ring and attacked Austin and The Rock. However, Vince McMahon showed up and directed practically every other member of the Federation roster to the ring. They all battled the Corporate Ministry through the crowd, leaving only Triple H, Chyna and the Undertaker on the entranceway with The Rock. Eventually Stone Cold Steve Austin reappeared and faced off with the Undertaker. HHH and Chyna threw The Rock off the entranceway and down onto the concrete floor, and then the Undertaker tossed Austin down and through a table as RAW went off the air!


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