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Bienvenidos a Honduras!

March 09, 1999

El Carbon is in the mountains about 150 miles from Tegucigalpa.

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Chelly and Prithika have been on site at El Carbón for about a month.  She said that Hurricane Mitch damaged most of the infrastructure in the area to some extent.  She and Prithika have been working with the villagers to restore the trail to the famous waterfall, La Cascada, which would allow ecotourism to resume and begin generating badly-needed income for the town.

Their hut was also damaged by the hurricane, so they've been "remudding" the walls, with some timely assistance from their neighbors.   This has been a good season for mice and scorpions, so they're they're now in the market for a cat.

We've posted her first pictures from El Carbón in the Photo Album and also her first letter. I think you'll agree that the El Carbón area has magnificent prospects for eco-tourism (e.g., see the "La Mosquitia" link, below.)

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El Carbón Sites

El Carbón, at about 15°25'N, 085°32'W, is the largest Pech-speaking Indian village in Honduras.  It's about 150 mi northeast of Tegucigalpa.

La Mosquitia Guidebook - Information about the area and description of Chelly's and Prithika's project (on the eco-tourism site, "El Planeta Platíca")

The Greenwood Furniture Project- Pictures from El Carbón, and information on this program

Outside Magazine's article on Eastern Honduras has an extensive section on El Carbón

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