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May 5, 1999 goes live!

May 4, 1999
Corel Announces New OEM Deal with Samsung

April 29, 1999
Corel and Gobi Break New Ground in High-Performance Technology and Software Rental Markets
Ottawa, Canada – Corel Corporation will enter the revolutionary new arena of affordable, high performance technology and software rentals with its new bundling agreement with Gobi Inc. The agreement will see Corel® WordPerfect® Suite 8 OEM bundled on all of Gobi's computers. The partnership will make sophisticated technology available to consumers at an affordable cost.

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April 28, 1999
Corel to Include Live Software Inc.'s JRun™ Server Software in the Paradox® 9 Developer's Edition

April 21, 1999
Strategic Alliance Between Corel, KDE and Debian to Advance Development of a new Linux® Distribution

April 20, 1999
Corel and Microworkz Team Up To Bring Performance And Value To PC Market

April 19, 1999
Corel Begins Shipping Corel Print House™ Magic 4 and Premium Edition

April 19, 1999
Corel acquires GraphicCorp to Become Leading Provider of Electronic Clipart and Images to Software and Hardware Companies

April 12, 1999
Corel Announces Major Bundling Agreement With Lexmark

April 8, 1999
Corel and Council for the Arts in Ottawa Raise $9,000 at Third Charity Auction

April 8, 1999
Winners of Corel's Ninth Annual World Design Contest Span the Globe

April 7, 1999
Get the word out – Corel releases WordPerfect® Office 2000!

April 7, 1999
Corel Corporation Unveils CorelDRAW® 9 Graphics Suite

March 30, 1999
Corel Announces Strategic Alliance with PC Chips Group, World's Largest Personal Computer Motherboard Manufacturer

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Dr. Michael Cowpland, president and chief executive officer of Corel Corporation, and David Wong, vice chairman of the PC Chips Group of Companies and president and chief executive officer of 3D Micro, today announced a major OEM alliance at the Corel headquarters in Ottawa. The alliance will see Corel® WordPerfect® Suite 8 bundled with every computer motherboard package shipped worldwide by the PC Chips Group of Companies.

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March 26, 1999
Corel Corporation Responds To Media Reports On Insider Trading Activity

March 24, 1999
Corel Corporation Announces First Quarter Fiscal 1999 Results

March 24, 1999
Corel Announces Strategic Alliance with Philips

Hannover, Germany -- Philips Speech Recognition Systems president and CEO Ron Van Den Bos (left) shakes hands with Corel Corp. president and CEO Michael Cowpland to close the deal which will see Philips' latest speech recognition technology bundled with International versions of the upcoming WordPerfect Office 2000 suite.
Photo Credit - Peter Van Heulen, Corel.

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