If you would like to include a link to Google on your webpage, feel free to download one of the following "stickers" of our main logo.

25% (87 x 28)
40% (140 x 45)
50% (175 x 56)
60% (210 x 67)

Here is our main logo full size, created using GIMP. If you want to hack on it, here is the XCF file.

We've customized our logo for the Burning Man festival and the holidays...

... and some of our faithful users have even been inspired to produce their own versions of the Google logo, including this animated GIF by Travis David Freeland: image by Jon Abbott: by Logan Maxwell: by Nathaniel Morbey: Joe Williams:

(he did a bar too!) Anton Andreasson:

(he also did a bar!)

...and this version by Jesse Rios, which inspired the shadowing in our current logo:

Sherman, set the WayBack machine...

Finally, here are progressively older versions of our logo, dating back to the days before we were Google...

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