Unfinished Poser 3 freeware

Objtest is a command line utility originally created just for in house use to exercise my libraries that read and write LightWave .obj files. Turns out that it is actually useful for extracting individual body part .obj files from Poser character geometry files. These body part .obj files can then be used for creating Poser 3 morph targets. Download now (180k, Oct 7 1998 version) or  read the README file.

Morpher is a GUI based utility that creates libraries of Poser 3 morph target deltas. I call these libraries .mt1 files (that's mt1, with the number one (because it's the first revision of the library format) not mtl with the letter L). Some of the basic stuff (like extracting groups from object or dragging morph targets into or out of character files or morph libraries is now working!). The fancy features, like mirroring or simultaneously operating on .obj and .cr2 files in an integrated fashion are unstable. Download now (480k, Nov 2 1998 version) or read the README file. Some of it's many unfinished features.
Please email me your comments, bug reports, etc. Joseph S. Wisniewski.

These programs are built for Windows 95, 98, and NT. They have only been tested under NT, but should be fine under 95 or 98.

My Mac has died, so there are currently no plans for a Mac version. If you are interested in doing a Mac port, please mail me.  Joseph S. Wisniewski.