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Who is David Wilcock?

 ET's Note: Things might not look very good to you right now. Turn off the TV - you are not going crazy. Take a walk outside. The world is not going to end - it is going to begin. Relax. God is in charge. Get up out of that chair, crank up the music and let's dance our way into the Ascension. You want to be standing up when this happens.


'You gotta feel that this thing's goin' down, gettin' down -

there's a whole lot of rhythm goin' round.

We're gonna turn this motha' out!

We want the FUNK!'

[Parliament / Funkadelic]


In the Light, you will find the road…

Hey! Did you ever believe that I could leave you,

standing on the corner?

[Led Zeppelin]


People get ready, there's a train a' comin'…

You don't need no ticket to get on board…

[Gospel Spiritual]


Swing low, sweet chariot, comin' for to carry me home!

[Gospel Spiritual]


Then shall two be in the field;

the one shall be taken, and the other left…

[Matt. 24:40]


God appeared on a cloud and said "Come up here,"

and they were borne up into the heavens…

[Rev. 11:12]


"As I do these things, so shall ye do them,

and greater things, for I go unto my Father…"

[John 14:12]


Sometime soon, it's going to be RIGHT NOW…

Are You Ready?



Stop in on "Convergence" in the book section below "Articles"… a truly groundbreaking research work that proves the reality of Ascension…


Latest Readings, Articles and Updates:


5/02/99 - Nostradamus' little-known "Direct Hit" on Current War / Aug. 11 Solar Eclipse / Possible Land Shift - Connections to Wilcock Readings

4/29/99 - ET Government Speaks on Kosovo Issue: "Major or Epic Land Shift" may be necessary to counteract current warlike actions of NATO.

[UPDATE 5/2/99: An earthquake did occur in Yugoslavia the very day after this was published! Heads up, folks… the initial proof has been given…]

4/29/99 - Prophetic Dream of Columbine High School Shootings: Yes indeed, three days before the event itself, this dream came in. A surprising "twist ending" as well - love could have solved the problem.

4/14/99 - Wilcock Readings: The Latest Goodies: Lots of interesting material from a very deep trance state. Includes a fantastic section on "Why it is Better to Ascend than to Stay on Earth as it is Now."

4/14/99 - Movie Review of "Matrix" and Ascension Parallels: The metaphors seem to just keep popping out in every conceivable human creative work these days. A little bit of "soapbox" about the incessant indulgence in glamorized violence in our current society.

2/23/99 - Earth Very Soon to Shift Its Position: Major initial warning of possible upcoming land shift if we do not change our way of thinking and behaving. Combination dream / reading article.

12/22/98 - "Birth of the Christ Within" Reading: A total Wilcock classic - one of the finest readings yet produced. A beautifully worded roadmap for Ascension and personal transformation.

12/12/98 - Clinton Impeachment Reading: Explaining the probability vortices as they then existed during this period of time, and the role of the House of Representatives.





Take your pick - scientific research (Convergence), straight readings (Wilcock Readings) or the development of Wilcock's abilities (Edgar Cayce Returns?).

CONVERGENCE: 1999 and Beyond




[Note: This book has been sold to Phoenix Pheatures & Publishing Co. and will be available to you, the consumer, in bookstores nationwide - hopefully before Aug. 11, 1999! Please notify us by Email if you wish to quote from this book, as it is now a copyright infringement to do so without permission.]

-Author David Wilcock explores the connection between hard science and metaphysics to arrive at a stunning and provocative conclusion: That humanity is about to undergo a complete, profound shift so unspeakably vast and beautiful as to be "the single greatest moment of all time." Topics explored include sunspot cycles, Edgar Cayce Readings, The Pyramid Timeline, the Mayan Calendar, harmonic numbers, the octave of dimensions, the Ra Material, the Seth Material, crop circles, the Martian Monuments, hyperdimensional geometry and physics, the Global Grid, the Philadelphia Experiment, time travel, Einsteinian relativity theory and much, much more!

(After six years of work, David lovingly refers to this as his Doctoral Dissertation of Higher Intelligence!)




Straight from the Source's mouth!

-Read the book of "straight readings" that was composed by higher-dimensional intelligence starting on Nov.26, 1997, almost exactly one year after Wilcock's connection first got started. One day after the book started to be written, the forces told him of his connection to Edgar Cayce. It is an engrossing compendium of Wilcock's finest readings regarding Ascension and preparation. Thousands of readers have been awed by the beauty and presence of the Wilcock Readings. This can also be read as the follow-up to "Convergence," told from the angelic / ET's point of view.






Edgar Cayce / David Wilcock

A Work in Progress - Soon to Be Completed




-For the first time ever, read the story of the bizarre twists and turns of David Wilcock's life, eventually culminating in his achievement of full contact with higher-dimensional intelligence. All pertinent clues are explored to piece together the reality of this incredible and unbelievable story. Grow with David as he struggles to adapt to the strict but loving demands of "the forces." We will explore many of the readings that encouraged David to "change his ways."


Personalized 'Dream Readings' from David Wilcock now available!


David will be away from Email and a computer, altogether, until Wednesday, May 12, 1999. He will be available to answer Email on this coming Sunday. Any dream readings cannot be booked until after Wed. - including the initial screening phone call.




David Wilcock is currently available for personalized, individual psychic readings. The process that he uses is very ancient, identical to the basic system invented by the shamans and medicine men of old. David actually "sleeps on it" and incubates an entire dream about you before he ever begins the reading. This allows the information to come from the deepest layers of Mind possible. (Shamans traditionally used a piece of clothing under the pillow to make this work better, however David's results do not require this.) Then, after dictating your dream onto the cassette tape in completeness, David begins the reading itself, generally 30 or more minutes in length. The reading will address any specific questions that you might have, and will analyze the metaphors in the dream as a springboard. This, in turn, helps you to understand the ways in which your own dreams convey information to you. The idea is to train you to be able to use your dream guidance on your own.

The most common inquiries are about life purpose, direction, and enhancement. We all want to be happier and to know ourselves better. The Wilcock Readings give us the chance to have a direct, pure and unfiltered connection to the highest spiritual forces available to us as human beings, working in concert with our own subconscious mind, or Astral Self. The results have proved to be absolutely astonishing. David has many case histories where the individuals themselves experienced their own dreams and psychic data that corroborated David's precisely. Perhaps the best example is a case where a woman actually had a visible spiritual presence come into her room and say, "Remember the giant cathedral," and David's dream for her that morning featured a large number of people who were trapped inside a giant cathedral. David wondered why she suddenly got silent on the phone when he told her the dream later that afternoon.

So let's get the ball rolling. Email David today, with a brief statement of interest about your reading. He will return your Email as soon as he receives it to indicate availability. If there is availability, David will include his phone number in the Email. After you receive this Email you may contact David at your convenience, between the hours of 10AM-10PM EDT. You will receive a 15 to 30-minute "intake interview" where David discusses your current life issues with you in a relaxed counseling format. At this time, David also sets the date for the reading, always in the morning hours and usually within a two-week timeframe or less. After setting the reading time, you then mail your payment at your convenience. As long as your check or money order has been received and cleared at the bank by the time that the reading is conducted, he will priority mail you the cassette that same day. You are also entitled to call David back that night for a 15-minute follow-up session where he will briefly discuss what he remembers from the morning's events. Please try again if David is not available at the time of your call.

This unique and inspirational guidance is being offered for one hundred ($100) US dollars. This rate is effective through the months of April, May and June of 1999, and is subject to change thereafter. David may need to shut this aspect of his business down completely in the near future, due to the complexity of maintaining a public presence to promote "Convergence," soon to be published in bookstores everywhere. We don’t want a repetition of past events, see?

 Contact David Wilcock with your statement of interest for a dream reading, or with any other comments or concerns that you may have about this website or David's work on the planet.


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