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From: Slaven Radic
popular pick exclusive
  Version 1.1  
  Release date April 20, 1999  
File size 1007K
  Downloads 4,014  
  License Shareware  
  Minimum reqs. Windows 95/98/NT  
  Approx. download time 4 min. at 28.8 kbps  

Description: Poco is a full-featured, multiple-account email client (see screen shot). Full filtering capabilities are supported through PocoScript, a high-level scripting language aimed at processing mail. Scripts can be written manually or created through a graphical interface, and used to create filters or launch applications. The program can be minimized to the system tray and can check and send mail in the background. The address book allows you to start a message by double-clicking an address entry; drop another message on an address to forward it; add an address to your address book with a single click, while reading a message; and drop an address on a mailbox to create a filter. Poco also features support for multiple signatures, with signatures appearing right under the text of a new message. You can apply HTML formatting to your signatures and add special signature tags that assign information, such as the date at the time of sending. Other features include support for sending and receiving HTML messages, a three-pane interface that allows you to undock and rearrange the panes, a Find function that places results in a separate mailbox for your review, nested folder support, a unique "Show-Only" bar that quickly isolates the messages meeting certain criteria, and quick access to the attachments folder. New in this version are support for multiple address books, junk-mail filtering options, the ability to perform the "Show-Only" function by right-clicking a message header, several interface enhancements, bug fixes, and more (see release notes). In the unregistered version, the ability to change the new message defaults is disabled. The registered version costs $25.

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