The truth about black helicopters

By Mike Richardson Jr.

Where would we be today if Woodward and Bernstein had behaved like todays investigative journalists, lazy, cowardly puppets buying the establishments globalist line? 

For years, the mention of a black helicopter in public would
earn the person speaking stares, quiet guffaws and sometimes outright laughter.  Times are a changing, but is it for the better?  Suddenly, the main stream press has no fear when it comes to pointing to the skies.  Saturday, April 17, 1999, an Austin American Statesman story began:

"The black helicopters, and the specially trained U.S. Army troops they dropped across South Texas for 10 days in February, are gone now."
They admit the helicopters exist.  Of course they do, it is necessary that they do just that, how else can the public become desensitized to their presence?  Our government has thousands of acres of military bases, specifially set aside for training our military, so why are they training in our cities streets?  Furthermore, why are huge sums of cash, your tax dollars, being paid to local governments to allow live fire training exercises?  When questioned, the military says they can neither confirm or deny that Delta Force makes such offers but Walt Sokalski, military spokesman has said "I'm not saying they don't carry that kind of money."  Once again the answer is simple, desensitization. 

 For years now, Alex Jones has been talking about those black helicopters, and getting laughed at.  More importantly he has been going to where the action is, South Texas, Northern California, Waco and reporting directly to the public via radio and TV exposing the mock invasions and atrocities our government has been engaged in. He has gone face to face with the thugs

So now the main stream press decides to write an article about one of these mock invasions.  But why?  Have they suddenly decided to reinstate investigative journalism?  Or is it just necessary to acknowledge the truth in the face of overwhelming questions from those who get their information from sources that aren't afraid to acknowledge the truth. Certainly, if reinstating truth in reporting is their goal, perhaps they should consider printing the truth. The Statesman article makes light of the attacks, quoting a military spokesman who call the attacks "final exams" for soldiers trained in urban warfare.  No big deal, of course our military needs to be prepared, right?  But what of the unwarned civilians, why is it necessary for the military to travel with "satchels" of cash?  If this is all no big deal, then why not invite the press?  Why, time and time again, are local officials not told of these exercises?  Why are other officials bribed?  Mr. Jones reported months ago that $20,000 had been offered to the "favorite charity" of a San Antonio city councilman.  After several months, a story finally came out in the local press acknowledging the incident.

Why is all this happening?  Training?  Final Exams?  Terrorism preparedness?  How many times do these type of invasions have to occur before no one notices any longer when soldiers begin rappelling out of black helicopters in unmarked black uniforms?  Children today play video games in which they kill hundreds of people in seconds,  television networks show reality cop shows that show police gunning people down and the military trains in our streets.  Why is the military doing mock gun confiscations in California and on the East Coast?

We are being conditioned, like Pavlov's dog, readied for what is coming, Martial Law.  Whether a result of Y2K, domestic terrorism, financial crisis or some other contrived emergency, we shall think nothing of it when troops in black helicopters, wearing Nazi style uniforms, rappel into our streets and begin moving door to door.  The signs are all there for us to read:  Oklahoma City- like Hitler burning the Reichstag, the massacre at Waco, the drug war that has been used to usurp more and more of our civil liberties,  mock gun conviscations, troops training in our streets and many others.  The signs are there.  Are we too concerned with our petty little lives, our stocks, our jobs, to care.  Shall we just go about our daily lives, blind to what is happening around us? 

Alex Jones has reported on the destruction of public and private property by government exercises, he has shown proof of government involvement in Oklahoma City and the surrender of our deep water ports to countries like China in documentaries like America Destroyed by Design.
He is doing something, so must we.