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Hello salon.com
April 5, 1999

Salon Magazine is no more. Say hello to salon.com.

After acquiring the salon.com domain name, Salon tied it together with a name change and redesign of the site.

David Talbot on announcing the dropping of -magazine for the "new Salon":

"We don't think the word "magazine" properly describes what we do any more. Magazines don't publish round the clock; magazines don't build communities where readers can talk to one another without need for an editor's OK."

Changes after the Salon redesign
Some of the changes made to the site after the redesign:
  • Removal of those framed pages for 21st and other sections. Replaced with new subsite entrances that should accommodate more stories being published daily.
  • Inclusion of those ubiquitous printer friendly and e-mail to a friend buttons.
  • Linking to stories on other sites with "Elsewhere on the Web" section on subsite entrance.
New Content Management System
On the backend, Salon also announced improvements on their servers and content management system:

"Combined with Salon.com's new, custom-developed, database-driven publishing platform, the new technology will allow Salon.com to offer users new delivery options, including easier, customizable printing and e-mail services. The new custom publishing system will also allow Salon to better syndicate content to portals and other sites."

Salon's Scott Rosenberg in a story with Time Digital mentioned the publishing platform is their first automated site production system and that staff have been creating pages by hand since Salon started in 1995.

Improved section names
Scott also addressed the renaming of sections like 21st to Technology and Wanderlust to Travel:

"What we learned in our user testing," says Scott Rosenberg, senior editor of Technology, "is that [the names] don't mean anything to first-time users of our site. On the Web, the section name and your site name also serve as your navigation labels. It's not like you can have a cute decorative name and a clear navigation at the same time."

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