Yahoo! How-To?

Every now and then we step back and marvel at how much the Web has changed since we started Yahoo! A lot of that change is reflected in the way Yahoo! has grown. What began for us as a fun way to collect our favorite sites has blossomed into a network of directories and features and news feeds, including everything from driving directions to sports scores, from live chats to the latest in online shopping. You can follow your stock portfolio online everyday. You can get weather updates for practically anywhere in the world, find old friends you haven't seen since grade school, download the latest games, get personalized news, place free classified ads, meet new friends...and the list goes on.

With this tutorial, we hope to offer insights and explanations not just about Yahoo!, but about the entire Web, and while it's written to be understood and enjoyed by new users, we've made sure there are plenty of "tips and tricks" for the experienced web surfer. After all, we still find ourselves learning from the Web almost every day. We hope you do, too.

Enjoy the tutorial!

David and Jerry