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You Heard it Here First!
Interviews with audio and video executives are posted weekly every Monday. Get a heads-up here and listen to what technologies are hot and up and coming...only at

Aaron Rosand, Violinist talks to one of today's premier violinists. Aaron has appeared with major American and European orchestras under such distinguished conductors as Fritz Reiner, Kyril Kondrashin, William Steinberg, Erich Leinsdorf, and Leonard Bernstein.

Arnold Brown, Founder of Audio Explosion
Arnold Talks to about his company's bid to become the world's downloadable music delivery system of choice.
Mike Viken, Sr VP Personal Audio/Video Marketing, Sony Electronics
Mike Viken drove MiniDisc, first introduced in 1992, to its current status as the portable device of choice worldwide. Mike gives us the past, present and future of MiniDisc.
Mike Fidler, VP Home Audio Video Division, Sony Electronics
Mike talks about taking CD to the next level, and trends to watch in the home audio video market. Mike Fidler directs all of Sony Electronics home-entertainment marketing efforts, including business and product planning, as well as retail communications.
Blame it on Rio: The Future of the Music Industry's Andrew Keen was part of a panel discussion on the future of the music industry on Feb 23rd. The discussion explored the digital transformation of the music business and the e-commerce/intellectual property challenges now confronting traditional record labels.
Bob Ankosko, Editor in Chief of Stereo Review's of Sound & Vision
Bob talks about the highly regarded Stereo Review's Sound & Vision magazine, and its future as a source of accessible editorial about all things audio and video. He also gives us his informed reading on the world of home music and video reproduction.
Gene Hoffman Jr. of GoodNoise
Gene Hoffman Jr. is President and CEO of GoodNoise Corporation, one of the first, if not most successful, distributers of new music over the internet. Gene reveals what life is like as a digital distributer of music, and trends to look for in this hot emerging field.
Cary Sherman of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)
Wide acceptance of the MP3 standard looms on the horizon, promising to shake up the recording industry. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is on the front lines, protecting the interests of the recorded music industry from illegal copying of music with this new format. finds out what lies ahead from the view of the RIAA's Senior VP and General Counsel Cary Sherman.
Mathew Polk of Polk Audio
Polk Audio was founded in 1972 by Matthew Polk and George Klopfer on the conviction that a strong program of fundamental research would lead to "products of unmatched performance and value." Now one of the world's largest manufacturers of home and car speakers, Polk products are distributed in over 50 countries, throughout which they are known for their innovative designs and good, solid sound.
John Dawson, Founder of Arcam
John Dawson, founder of Arcam (Amplification and Recording Cambridge Limited) speaks about stereo amplification and the true meaning of sound quality.
Larry Miller, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of a2b Music
AT&Ts a2b music was founded in order to give artists, record companies, music retailers, and publishers the opportunity to promote, market, and distribute music to consumers around the world using a secure and efficient platform.
Thomas Dolby - President and CEO of Headspace, Inc.
Thomas Dolby, through his company Headspace Inc., is fast making waves in the world of audio on the web with Beatnik, a browser plug-in allowing the fullest sonic experience possible on the web. We recently caught up with Dolby and discussed his current passions, the future of Headspace and music on the Web.
Lori Beaudoin, President of Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs
Herbert A Belkin grew Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs over the last 21 years guided by the philosophy that music should sound as close to the real thing as possible. MoFi remains just as dedicated high fidelity standards to this day under the stewardship of Herbert's successor, Lori Beaudoin, who we were fortunate to catch up with this week for an interview.
Gerry Kearby from Liquid Audio
Liquid Audio software enables people to download digital-audio recordings from the Internet. Gerry talks about the future of music sales on the web and what it means for artists and record companies.
Michael Riggs: Audio Magazine Editor in Chief
Michael Riggs talks about the current state of audio and home theater technology and takes a peek at what's coming up ahead.
Michael Goldberg: Senior VP and Chief Editor of Sonicnet
As Senior Vice President and Editorial Director at SonicNet (, Michael Goldberg is probably the most influential online music journalist around. Goldberg runs SonicNet's groundbreaking music-news service, Music News of the World.
JJ Rosen: President of Music Blvd interviewed Rosen to learn his views on the fast-changing world of online music and sales and why large record companies fear the Internet.
MP3 Roundup: Dennis Mudd of MusicMatch and Hassan Miah of Xing Technology
We interviewed the presidents of both MusicMatch Corporation and Xing Technology -- both important players in the new MP3 Association -- about the whole MP3 controversy, as well as the wider implications of downloadable audio.
Legacy Audio - Bill Dudleston
Legacy Audio is not your average loudspeaker company. Based in Springfield, Illinois, Legacy has been selling high-end and great-value loudspeakers directly to consumers for more than 15 years with great success. In particular, the company's $12,900 Whisper loudspeaker is said to be as good a value as some loudspeakers several times its price. Legacy Audio also sell electronics -- in particular, amplifiers -- direct from its Springfield factory...
NHT's Matt Garfein On Speakers
NHT (Now Hear This) does things its own way. The company has a distinctive – and highly successful – line of very affordable loudspeakers. Its Super One loudspeaker, for example, has acquired almost cult status as a $350 product that delivers genuine "high-end" sound quality, while its new $750 floorstanding Super Two's have been getting rave write-ups from all reviewers lucky enough to get their hands on them.
NXT's Henry Azima
Huntingdon, England-based New Transducers Ltd. (NXT), inspired by work originally carried out by DERA (an agency to the British Ministry of Defense), embarked on two years of intensive research into the notion of panel structures as sound radiators. The result was an enclosure-less speaker technology founded on a principle of complex vibrations in ultra-slim panels rather than the pistonic motion of a diaphragm, which NXT calls "flat-panel loudspeaker technology."
JVC's Akira Taguchi talks about XRCD
JVC Music made a big splash in the audiophile-music world in 1996 with the advent of a CD mastering and manufacturing technology, spearheaded by Akira Taguchi, called XRCD, or Extended-Resolution Compact Disc.


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