Be Patient...

... the new site is still in the final stages of development.

The new Official Apollo Smile website will be online shortly and will feature a new design, new interface, more news, merchandise updates and more. The new site is just about finished pending some last minute decisions to be made by the designers, Apollo, and Team Smile.

In the meantime you can email Apollo at

New Site Screenshot New "Official Apollo Smile" Website Glimpse
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New Site Requirements:
A note from Mecca Publications - We're letting you know ahead of time. The new site will be graphically enhanced using some various forms of JAVA. You will not have any trouble viewing the site if you download the latest versions of your browser software. Upgrading is free - just do it. You're missing out on a lot of the web if you don't. You will also need at least a 28.8 modem connection to the internet. These are long time net standards for capable viewing. If you don't have these things by now, upgrade. It's not a difficult thing.

You will need:

Latest News:


    Graphic design has been completed though due to recent additions of Apollo Smile merchandise and news, new content will have to be laid out and new graphics created. This should not take long. Discussions about this will begin on 3.29.