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This is a Weblog. Here's the deal with a Weblog. Whenever I find something I think is interesting or cool, I'll link to it here. These are the things that don't have anything to do with Internet research. (Should I archive these? Your thoughts are welcome.)

I'm sure most of these links will be fairly innocuous. However, should I happen to link to something that may be offensive (I have a Monty Pythonesque sense of humor that some people don't relate to) I'll try to post a warning.


Former honcho Marcus Zillman has started a new online 'bot information and services site at: . If you're interested in intelligent technology, check it out.

If you're one of those people who doesn't care for math but wants to better understand the use of statistics in our culture, check out the Glossary of Mathematical Mistakes at: . This site explores the way numbers are manipulated and misused.

The NY Times has a interesting "on this day" feature at .


The state of Texas has its own music office! .

THIS is why you shouldn't send chain letters: .

The top 100 nonfiction English language works this century: .


There's a gateway for the libraries of Australia at . In other news, NCSU has a customizable personal library page. Too cool.

I think punctuation is underrated. Don't you?!


The New York Times did an interesting story on the challenges librarians face with digital archiving. .


Two guys dissected one of those "Magic 8-Ball" things, and the results, complete with photos of the 8-Ball in various stages of deconstruction, are available at:  . The authors also caution their readers to not attempt emulation of this experiment, since the tools they use can be dangerous (drill, etc.)


Did you ever fold paper into swans when  you were a kid? Check out money origami -- .

Rare books on CD-ROM? It's an interesting concept --,3266,22236,00.html .


Hey, it's Flamenco World!

If you're a net stat-head, check out Nielsens online: .


NY Times Article on museums going after Web audiences: .

The trade paperback market is TANK-ing:,1249,70001763,00.html .

An entire Web site devoted to corrections made by the media! .


Researcher and librarian Marylaine Block is starting her own site, which includes a newsletter for librarians called Ex Libris. Check her new site out at .


A rainy day book of ergonomics? The New York Times examines the fact that while kids are learning how to use computers, they're not learning to protect themselves from possible injury.

The NY Times also reports that the American Booksellers Association is planning to put up its own online store.


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