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What is Anime?
Anime and Shogo
Shogo has been most heavily influenced by a more narrow cross-section of anime: mostly that concentrating on mecha. The influence of Robotech, Patlabor, and the more recent Neon Genesis Evangelion can be found in Shogo, not to mention non-mecha science fiction anime such as Ghost in the Shell and Venus Wars.

On the surface, anime has several 'tried-and-true' characteristics that fans fondly mock by putting together things like "The Laws of Japanese Animation" (see below). The similarities across different shows-and even different genres-are part of what give anime its distinctive feel that makes it different from most other animation.

Our goal from the beginning was to make a game that lived up to the overall look and style of the genre as closely as possible, but Shogo, like the series and films that inspired it, isn't just about giant robots.

Anime often tends to be epic in scope, but it almost always explores its larger issues through the smaller, more personal focus of its chief characters. In the face of devastating wars, high stakes political subterfuge, the awakening sentience of artificial intelligences, rampaging demons and monsters, city-destroying psychic battles, or wholesale alien invasions, the characters' inner struggles remain at the heart of the story.

Shogo plunges you into an epic crisis the outcome of which will affect the future of the entire human race, but it is the characters who drive the narrative and motivate your actions. You have allies that you grow to care about and enemies you come to despise.

Simultaneously, we give you 10 meter tall anthropomorphic Mobile Combat Armor, devastating weapons of destruction, and all the visual flair a discerning anime fan would hope for.

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