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Join the New Party -and become a part of the most successful third party since the 1930's' (Nation Magazine).

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The New Party is fighting for a fair economy and a real democracy. Today, most of our work is at the grassroots level, reclaiming democracy one community at a time. And as you have seen, we have had some real successes over the past five years. Transforming the face of American politics is a long, hard task. Your membership dollars can help us make each step of this process a reality:

Because the New Party believes in a real democracy, we don't think corporate dollars should have any role in politics. Unlike the Democrats and Republicans, we don't accept corporate contributions. Consequently, the New Party's work depends on our members. With your support, we can continue to push for living wages, campaign finance reform, strong public schools and a clean environment.

Most New Party members join as a monthly sustainer.

We encourage you to become a New Party sustainer. Our sustainer program of monthly installments saves us time, money, and trees. It provides a regular source of funding so that organizers can focus on electing progressive candidates instead of worrying about fundraising. Sustainer pledges are automatically deducted from members' credit cards, giving us a steady source of income over the course of the year, and allowing us to focus on issues rather than fundraising. As a sustaining member, you can rest assured that your membership will never expire!

All New Party members receive a free subscription to our quarterly newsletter, New Party News. Additional quarterly updates are sent to our sustaining members.

You don't have to change your party registration to join the New Party. You can still vote in major party primaries for the candidate of your choice. But by supporting the New Party you will help change America for the better -- by giving ordinary citizens a voice in electoral politics and putting democratic values back in public policy.

You can join from the website by selecting the printable application form , print it out, fill it out, and mail it to us.

Our online form is being fixed. Thanks for your patience.

If you have any questions about the New Party that weren't answered on our site, or if you want to know if your membership is current, please contact our membership coordinator:

Or call our toll free number: 1-800-200-1294 (9AM to 6PM EST)

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