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A Quake2 mod
Orange Smoothie Productions

Original Concept:
Copyright 1997, 98
Craig Sparks "BotanikA"
Brian Sparks "stIen"

This project has been Canceled

Due to a recent "Foxing" and a new game coming out called Giants we have given this mod up to spend our time elsewhere. Feel free to read about it. It's still a neat idea.

You're chasing down some punk trying get your much needed 10th frag when all of the sudden a giant hand grabs you! You look up and stair in fear into the eyes of the Mutilator as he slowly cocks back one of his fingers and flicks your head off. Screaming in pain, your head is ripped from your shoulders and flys across the room with blinding speed. Your skull crashes into the back of the guy you were chasing and he explodes in a shower of gibs. You're dead...but at least you got that 10th frag! It's the Mutilator, a blood pumping, heart pounding mod where getting killed is fun.

Mutilator consists of deathmatch levels populated by a nasty, invulnerable, fiendishly EVIL monster who would like nothing more than to torture, mutilate, and pulverize you. The Mutilator has:

  • Two nicely player sized hands (the better squish you with),
  • Big nasty, pointy teeth (the better to eat you with),
  • Multiple blood stained horns (the better to gore you with), and
  • Clawed, hooked feet (the better to stomp you with).

You're fighting other players...its fighting you... Do you stop and watch it do amusing (but utterly gruesome) things to your friends, or do you run in fear?

The Mutilator mod is currently in the form of our Original Concept document which describes the basic ideas behind the mod. Additionally, it lists in detail many of the terribly gruesome things we have in mind for the Mutilator to do to you. Please don't read this if you are easily offended or suffer from hypertension.

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Copyright 1998, 1999 Craig Sparks, Brian Sparks, Jason Keimig, Brandon Reinhart and
Scott Woodward
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