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Mentec's SBC M100 is a high performance, quad height Q-BUS board offering customers the essential speed increase you demand without having to change existing proven software. Mentec's advanced "No-Wait-State" parity memory subsystem design coupled with the use of high speed DRAMs, enables all on-board memory to operate at cache speed. This gives all PDP applications a high-performance capability. M100 Processor Picture
The single quad module operates as host processor on the Q-BUS and incorporates DEC's powerful J-11 microprocessor for complete compatibility with all PDP operating systems and software. Special features of the SBC M100 are lower power consumption and increased MTBF due to fewer sockets, chips and discrete components. The SBC M100 also interfaces to the 22-bit Q-BUS and supports block module DMA. This provides for total compatibility with all PDP operating systems and software.

The Features & Benefits
yellow ball dotQuad sized module slots into standard Q-BUS backplane yellow ball dotFull Q-BUS interface with block module DMA for compatibility with large family of 3rd party Q-BUS products Higher performance (up to 33% faster write cycles) protects software investment into the future
1Mb, 2Mb, 3Mb or 4Mb on board parity MOS memory using internal bus to reduce Q-BUS activity Module configuration by NVRAM eliminates wire wrapping Optional FPJ 11 floating point accelerator available on request
Runs RSX, TSTS, RT-11, UNIX, DSM, BOS, TSX etc. for total compatibility with all PDP software Large boot PROMs for flexible requirements including AUTOBOOT Four Serial lines including console on board

For over a decade, the name MENTEC has been synonymous with a commitment to excellence, innovation and quality. Today, our products are relied upon by systems builders and systems users in over twenty countries worldwide. We have built our name in some of the toughest and most technically demanding markets in the world - process control, network management, computer systems design. Mentec products are used to control sensitive and sophisticated operations in manufacturing plants; service companies rely on our products to process vital data quickly and reliably; and systems integrators use our single-board computer products in their own embedded systems.

Operating: Adequate airflow must be provided to limit the inlet to outlet temperature rise across the module to 5°C when the inlet temperature is 35°C Asynchronous ports:
Real time clock:

Board Configuration
Four serial RS232, including console
50Hz, 60Hz, 800Hz or BEVENT
Software configurable using NVRAM
Software configurable using NVRAM
-10° to 50°C
5° to 55°C
+5.0V +/-10% 6.3A (typ) 7A (max)
+12.0V +/-5% 100mA (typ) 150mA (max)
10% to 90% (no condensation)
10% to 90% (no condensation)
Connectors J5 to J8
AMP 2x5 pin male
RS232 Null Modem - DEC BC20N-05 (2x5 pin AMP female to RS232 female [25-way Cannon D-Type])

The DCJ11 microprocessor consists of a control chip and a data chip. The control chip directs the operation of the data chip with micro-instructions. The data chip carries out all logic and arithmetic functions, handles all data and address transfers, and generates most of the signals used for system timing. The DCJ11 also contains an integral floating point processor allowing it to perform single and double-precision floating point operations. The FPJ11 (floating point hardware accelerator) option is also supported.
The module contains 1Mb/2Mb/3Mb/4Mb of Q-BUS cache speed dynamic RAM, one parity bit per byte of data. The module's RAM is accessible by other system devices over the Q-BUS using DMA and block mode transfers
LSI-BUS Interface
The module interfaces to the extended LSI-11 bus and can address up to 4Mb of main memory and communicate with other bus devices, e.g. disk controllers (RQDX-3) or asynchronous serial line mux (DHV11). The 22-bit extended LSI-11 bus is completely downward compatible with the standard LSI-11 bus.

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