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Lionheads official homepage
Well it is the official homepage what can we say, looks good, smells good, tastes good so it has to be good. Cool layout, much cooler discussionboard go and take a look at it this is a must.

Black & White en Francais
Providing news and fairly updated with a couple of sections. Not too good layout but this could be the no1 newssource for ya if you speak French.

Black & White Guide
The one and only German Black&White newssource, good site design a little few updates but excellent content. Polish your German knowledge and head over.

Black & White Resource Center
Very good site in three different languages. Very well updated, sections always up to date and cool discussionboard. Your looking for a file or a video you'll find it here.

Eden Times
Pretty new Black&White newssite, not much content yet but the folks try hard to keep it well udated. Check it out.

Sweet site for news, fast loading, the folks over there are just getting started but they look very promising if they keep up the updating.

Nomads of Utopia
Well the html code looks better than the site currently. This can be a very good site in the future if they reach their aims. If you have a clan or a tribe(btw. who cares it is all about killing each other) this is the site for you. If they get up more conent and kick up a spiffier design they can be THE site for Black&White in the future.

The Land of Eden
Starts to find back to its older qualities, they got a lot of interviews and very well updated news. The site has seen better times but they can get back to that. Check them out now!

The Stronghold
Kick ass new Black&White fanpage, well updated, OK design with news you won't find anywhere else. Could be one of the upcoming important sites. Be sure to check it.

non Black&White related sites
Spicy cool site for reviews, previews and specials about selected games. Be sure to check this site out if you know how to read German. Great Black&White preview they have : )
Providing news about lots of games, great content and very well updated be sure to check their Black&White section it is just great.
If you don't know the site then click the link now, for all who know it already check again always great fun to listen and look at the page. By the way pump up the volume before you visit the site.

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