Odd F. Lindberg

Odd Lindberg is one of the world's most courageous men and certainly the bravest native of Norway. He is a man who has defended the truth against the tyranny of his own government.

As a Royal Norwegian sealing inspector, Odd witnessed, filmed and reported illegal acts of cruelty by a Norwegian sealing ship and crew. When the government ignored his report on the violations, Odd turned the documentation over to the media. The atrocities, exposed in 1989, forced a shutdown of the hunt of whitecoat seals for seven years. Odd's reward was to be vilified as a traitor to Norway and charged with violating Norway's government secrecy act. The government confiscated his property, threatened his life, and harassed his children.

The Norwegian government had reasons to persecute Odd over his expose of the seal hunt, reasons that go back to the early 70s when Odd had already established himself as the most effective environmental activist in Norway.

Odd has been intensely involved in environmental issues ever since his youth. In the early 70s he initiated a campaign to protect Norway's largest and most important wetlands, ¿ra in the southeast of Norway. There were plans to turn ¿ra into the biggest port in Europe. It was an issue that was debated all over Norway and Odd was named as the principal enemy of the project.

Although he won the battle, he made many enemies. The animosity against him grew as he campaigned and stopped pollution emissions from several industrial factories forcing some of them to close down.

The hatred of his fellow countrymen forced his relocation to Sweden in 1992 as a political exile. He continues his efforts to expose Norwegian cruelty to seals, and his exile has engendered a debate on freedom of speech in Scandinavia.

Odd is the author of two books, Pâ salfângst I Vasterisen (Seal Hunting in the West Ice) and Lilla Salungen (Little Seal Pup).

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