Functional Programming at Yale

Check out the Haskell page for everything you could ever want to know about the Haskell language.


This page is hopelessly out of date - half the people mentioned aren't here any more and we're working on a brand new set of projects. (Working too hard to work on web pages :-))


Our work with Mark P Jones on Hugs is our most visible ongoing project, but we usually have a variety of related research going on, depending on the interests of the current faculty, research scientists, and graduate students.

Here are pointers to some documents related to our research:



We have on-line a complete bibliography of all of the papers published by members of the Yale Haskell Group over the past 12 years! The bibliography is available in three forms: Only some of these papers are available on-line (see below), but we have hard copies of everything. If there's something specific you'd like, send mail to Linda Joyce at (almost everything is free, but there may be nominal charges for large items such as dissertations, conference proceedings, and manuals).

Here are research reports and other papers published by our group. Look at the README to see what is available.

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