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(Now & Then Productions / Frontiers Records FR CD 014)

  1. March Of The Argonauts (instrumental)
  2. Fear The Force
  3. Inside The Pyramid Of Light
  4. Spellbound
  5. We Rule The Night
  6. Rememberance For The Brave (instrumental)
  7. Red
  8. The Alchemist
  9. Wonderland
  10. Eclipse
  11. The Phantom
  12. Till The End Of Time
Produced by Gary Hughes

Never Say Goodbye

"Never Say Goodbye"

(Now & Then Productions / Frontiers Records FR CD 01)

CD 1
  1. The Robe
  2. Bright On The Blade
  3. Wildest Dreams
  4. The Torch
  5. Yesterday Lies In The Flames
  6. The Rainbow
  7. The Crusades
  8. Don't Cry
  9. Goodnight Saigon
  10. Arcadia
  11. You're In My Heart (acoustic)
  12. The Loneliest Place In The World
CD 2
  1. Ten Fathoms Deep
  2. After The Love Has Gone
  3. Stay With Me
  4. Standing On The Edge Of Time
  5. Fly Like An Eagle
  6. Drum Solo
  7. Battlelines
  8. The Pharaoh's Prelude
  9. Wait For You
  10. The Name Of The Rose
    Bonus Studio Tracks
  11. Black Moon Rising *
  12. Venus And Mars *
  13. If Only For A Day *
  14. Give Me A Piece Of Your Heart *
Recorded & Mixed Ray Brophy

Additional info.:
* = On Now & Then version only. Bonus studio tracks from "The Robe" sessions.

Japanese bonus tracks:
Close Your Eyes And Dream (acoustic)
Turn Around (acoustic)

The Robe

"The Robe"

(Now & Then Productions / MTM 199635)

  1. The Robe
  2. Bright On The Blade
  3. Standing On The Edge Of Time
  4. Virtual Reality
  5. Arcadia
  6. Battlelines
  7. You're In My Heart
  8. Fly Like An Eagle
  9. Ten Fathoms Deep
  10. Someday
Produced by Gary Hughes

The Name Of The Rose

Burrn! Award
Winner: Song Of The Year -
"The Name Of The Rose"

"The Name Of The Rose"


  1. The Name Of The Rose
  2. Wildest Dreams
  3. Don't Cry
  4. Turn Around
  5. Pharaoh's Prelude:
    Ascension To The Afterlife
  6. Wait For You
  7. The Rainbow
  8. Through The Fire
  9. Goodnight Saigon
  10. Wings Of The Storm
  11. Standing In Your Light
    Bonus Tracks
  12. The Quest
  13. You're My Religion
Produced by Gary Hughes & Mike Stone


Frontiers Award
Winner Best Debut

Frontiers Award
Winner Best Production

Frontiers Award
Winner Best Artwork



  1. i) The Crusades
    ii) It's All About Love
  2. After The Love Has Gone
  3. Yesterday Lies In The Flames
  4. The Torch
  5. Stay With Me
  6. Close Your Eyes And Dream
  7. Eyes Of A Child
  8. Can't Slow Down
  9. Lamb To The Slaughter
  10. i) Soliloquy
    ii) The Loneliest Place In The World
Produced by Gary Hughes & Mike Stone

Vinny BurnsGary HughesGreg Morgan

Current Line Up

  • Gary Hughes - Vocals
  • Vinny Burns - Lead guitar
  • Greg Morgan - Drums
  • John Halliwell - Guitars
  • Ged Rylands - Keyboards
  • Steve McKenna - Bass
Steve McKennaGed RylandsJohn Halliwell

Burrn! Award
Winner: Brightest Hope Of 1996


Burrn! Award
Winner: Songwriter Of The Year

Gary Hughes

Young Guitar

Winner: Best Newcomer Of 1996




What originally started life as a couple of Gary Hughes albums quickly evolved into something much bigger with the arrival of former Dare members Vinny Burns and Greg Morgan. Veteran produced Mike Stone (Journey, Asia etc) was brought in to oversee the mixing of the record and added an extra special sheen to the project. On its release in Japan the album received 95/100 in Burrn! magazine. It entered the Japanese hard rock/metal chart at #3, the international artists chart at #11 and the national chart (which has Japanese and foreign artists) at #33. In the UK praise has included 4Ks in Kerrang!, 9/10 in Frontiers and 10/10 in Hard Roxx.

The band released their second album "The Name Of The Rose" in mid September in Japan. Burrn! magazine giving it another 95/100! and entered the international artists chart at #10 and the national chart at #29. In the UK it has received more glowing reviews from Frontiers and Hard Roxx, and the band have undertaken their first tour with dates in the UK and Germany to precede a Japanese tour in January 1997.


At the Frontiers Awards on Wednesday 22nd January 1997 Ten's self titled album took the prizes for:

  • Best Debut
  • Best Production - presented to nominees Gary Hughes and Mike Stone
  • Best Cover Artwork - presented to nominee Sebastian Kozak

They were also the runner up in the Best Overall Album category and came third in Best Overall Song with "After The Love Has Gone".

Now & Then have signed a Japanese licencing deal with Zero for 4 more Ten studio albums. The deal means that Ten and Now & Then Records will make new studio albums in 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2000. The deal comes after a very successfull first Japanese tour.

A good unofficial recording of the Osaka concert in Japan emerged in March 97 as a double CD bootleg called "The Rainbow In The Rose" in Japan.

In March Ten won 3 prestigious awards when the readers of Japan's top rock magazine Burrn! voted them:

  • Brightest Hope Of 1996
  • Songwriter Of The Year - Gary Hughes
  • Song Of The Year - "The Name Of The Rose"

They were also well represented in other categories:

  • 10th Best Song Of The Year - "After The Love Has Gone"
  • 2nd Best Production - Gary Hughes/Mike Stone
  • 4th Best Vocalist - Gary Hughes
  • 5th Best Guitarist - Vinny Burns
  • 18th Best Keyboard Player - Ged Rylands
  • 3rd Best Album Of 96 - "The Name Of The Rose"
  • 5th Best Album Of 96 - "Ten"
  • 3rd Best Overall Group - Ten

Readers of Young Guitar voted them:

  • Best Newcomer Of 96 - Ten
  • 7th Best Guitar Riff - "The Name Of The Rose"
  • 6th Best Guitar Solo - "The Name Of The Rose"

Readers of Music Life voted Ten:

  • 5th Brightest Hope 0f 96 - Ten

In less then 12 months Ten have become the hottest, most talked about, new melodic rock band in years with over 100,000 CD sales.

Ten spent the summer of 1997 recording their third album for Now & Then Productions, "The Robe", which was released in October. Gary Hughes produced the album himself this time, with Mike Stone handling the mixing.

Reactions to the new album have once again been extremely positive with tracks from "The Robe" gaining much airplay in Japan. The first Japanese single, "The Robe", entered the international artists chart at #7 after its first week on sale. The album itself entered the international artists chart at #8 and the national chart at #34. A five date Japanese tour has already been booked for December.

Burrn! magazine gave the album a coveted cross review with three reviewers grading the album at 86, 90 and 91 out of 100.

In a glowing 9.5/10 review in Hard Roxx "The Robe" was called "Another milestone in the career of the most remarkable band this country has produced in over a decade", "A masterpiece!" and "(there is) a sense of maturity and progression which shows a band that's finally come of age. This is exactly the kind of record the band should have made at this stage in their career". Other superlatives used included:

  • "Grandiose and extravagant", "irresistible melodies", "truly staggering" - "The Robe"
  • "Fast and furious", "the chorus is so bright and catchy you'll find yourself humming it in the most unlikely places" - "Bright On The Blade"
  • "bright and breezy ballad - a sort of ballsy Richard Marx territory", "a sense of drama" - "Standing On The Edge Of Time"
  • "A brooding colossus", "hypnotic, all consuming, unforgettable", "some of Vinny's best guitar work to date" - "Virtual Reality"
  • "A sprawling, malevolent masterpiece", "One of the most satisfying things (they) have done" - "Arcadia"
  • "Riff heavy", "should go down an absolute storm live", "Gary's vocals never waiver from that perfectly understated delivery" - "Battlelines"
  • "The album's big production weepie", "a hauntingly beautiful melody line and totally OTT chorus" - "You're In My Heart"
  • "Brilliant guitar fills", "the most outfront keyboard sound on the album" - "Fly Like An Eagle"
  • "A swaggering pearler of a song", "spellbinding guitar work, atmosphere aplenty, and a melody line so instantly unforgettable that I must have died and gone to heaven", "A true towering inferno!" - "Ten Fathoms Deep"
  • "Wistful and reflective", "blessed with another overblown chorus", "this song is probably the best showcase for the remarkable songwriting talents contained in the band" - "Someday"

AOR Heaven called "The Robe" an "Awesome new studio CD from Europe`s hottest melodic rock band - the 3rd classic in a row !!". Powerplay called it "a classic" in their studio report, saying "By the time we had heard the whole thing we were hooked"

SoundBarrier called "The Robe" "F**KING BRILLIANT" and said "The musical input on this CD is perfection", "They are definitely the best rock band that these shores have produced in bloody ages" and "I reviewed their first CD and gave it 9/10. Their second got 10/10. Where do I go from here?? It's better than the first two in that it is more a combination of them both (no disrespect to them). If I could give it 11/10 I would but that's impossible so I'll give to 12/10 just to be awkward. ".

SFK gave "The Robe" a B+ rating saying; "The songs are all excellent...At times, the album is flat out brilliant", and gave praise to Gary's singing and Vinny's guitar work.

Six extra songs were also recorded during "The Robe" sessions and these were released in Japan across two singles ("The Robe" and "You're In My Heart"). In November they headlined the Gods '97 and played shows in Germany with Millenium. Before Christmas they returned to Japan for a five date tour.


Ten Line Up (Live)Following another successful tour of Japan in December 1997 Ten spent the beginning of 1998 compiling their first live album., the double set "Never Say Goodbye". In Europe the album included 4 of the 6 extra tracks recorded during "The Robe" sessions. The remaing two tracks should turn up on a compilation at some point. In February Gary and Vinny returned to Japan for a short promotional visit.

Burrn! magazine gave "Never Say Goodbye" an 83/100 rating.

In Burrn!'s 1997 readers poll Ten once again made a respectable showing.

  • 13th Best Group - Ten
  • 9th Best Vocalist - Gary Hughes
  • 9th Best Guitarist - Vinny Burns
  • 17th Best Drummer - Greg Morgan
  • 11th Best Keyboard Player - Ged Rylands
  • 10th Best Live Performance In Japan - Ten
  • 12th Best Album - "The Robe"
  • 6th Best Songwriter - Gary Hughes

Hard Roxx magazine gave "Never Say Goodbye" 9 and 8 out of 10 in two seperate reviews, saying "Ten are masters of their craft", "excellent" and "this is the perfect introduction to their best tracks".

Atomic Chaser said: "Magic, pure MAGIC! ...a live album that captures the power that Ten displays at their shows. Ten will leave you spellbound! What struck me right off the bat was how great Ten's repertoire came across live. Gary Hughes's voice is hypnotizing and Vinny Burns guitar work is spectacular. Gary Hughes has a voice that is simply amazing and to hear his voice sound this good live is more than I could have ever expected. If you want to hear a great AOR band that sounds just a great live as in the studio, check out Ten's "Never Say Goodbye" it will be one of the best investments that you make this year."

AOR Hot Spot gave "Never Say Goodbye" 87% and called it: "the live celebration of the greatest British hard rock band of the 90's. A jewel that will make your collections more worthy. Not to be missed at any cost! A great Best of package. A must buy for Ten fans, and a very well priced introduction to the band for those new to them. Big, big, big!". Of the new songs they said:""If Only For A Day" is a little different. Sounds a little like Sykes meets the Beatles. Very cool! "Give Me A Piece Of Your Heart" is a more melodic AOR track, while "Black Moon Rising" and "Venus And Mars" are both big hard rocking guitar led anthems."

SFK gave "Never Say Goodbye" 84% and said "no band has had a bigger impact on the melodic/hard rock scene than Ten.", "this set shows the band doing what they do best...combining bombastic, guitar driven hard rock and super melodic AOR into something rather unique." and "easily some of the finest (songs) laid down this decade and sound huge in this live setting.".

AORLand gave "Never Say Goodbye" 90% and said: "the hottest band in the Melodic Rock of the 90's", "The songs explode here, the epic feel and the bombastic choruses are even bigger and Vinny Burns guitars and Ged Rydlands keyboards set the cd player on fire" and "Another classic record by an already classic act".


Ten spent much of 1998 recording their fourth studio album "Spellbound". The material this time moves on from the epic quailites that were explored on "The Robe", and once again shows the diversity in Gary's writing (he wrote 11 of the songs and co write the remaining one, "Inside The Pyramid Of Light", with Vinny Burns). From AOR/hard rock style ballads and rockers to the Zeppelin-esque title track, to the near power metal of "Fear The Force", to the anthemic "We Rule The Night" (which features guest vocalists Bob Catley (Magnum/ Hard Rain) and Sue Willets (Dante Fox)) not to mention the incredible celitc/Thin Lizzy/Gary Moore style rocker "Red", the album shows a band with a distinctive sound but also with the ability to incorporate differing influences without compromising their integrity. Tracks such as "March Of The Argonauts" and "Wonderland" feature a full string quartet while "We Rule The Night", "Remembrance For The Brave"and "Red" include celtic/folk instruments, such as fiddle ulean pipes and low whistle.

"Spellbound" was produced by Gary Hughes with the mix handled by Rafe McKenna (GIANT, BAD COMPANY, FAIR WARNING, TOMMY SHAW, RICHARD MARX, FOREIGNER) at DEP INTERNATIONAL STUDIOS (owned by UB40) in Birmingham, and is the bands most powerful and energetic recording to date.

"Spellbound" was released on December 23rd 1998 in Japan through the band's new deal with major label MERCURY RECORDS and on January 18th 1999 in Europe on Now & Then/Frontiers Records

"Spellbound" has had a very successful launch in Japan. The album, the first for the bands new label, MERCURY, entered the Japanese National Charts at number 16 in amongst the likes of compilations by the likes of MARIAH CAREY, CELINE DION, U2 and soundtracks to "Titanic" and "Armageddon". The new METALLICA album, "Garage Inc", entered at number 20.

MelodicRock.com gave "Spellbound" 94% (PRODUCTION: 95% SONGS: 93% VIBE: 94% ATTITUDE: 96%) saying "Gary's writing is improving all the time and the songs on this album are first rate.", "This record is simply sensational.", "This record should both surprise and amaze old fans and new. It should also intimidate any other bands that thought they might have been closing in on "the best rock band in Britain" crown. The bar has been lifted and no-one is nearly within range of this great disc.", "there is not one area that has not been improved upon by a mile" , "Gary's vocals have come to life in a way I have never heard from him. They are powerful, they are loud, they are raw and they are passionate", "The production is monstrous. Hats off to Now &Then Productions for the sound and the mix. Crisp, in your face and big, big, big.", "The drums are bigger than ever", "Vinny Burns simply shreds. I haven't even heard this many solo's and riff's on any Yngwie Malmsteen record. The guitars are everywhere on this record and they are both raw and multi-layered and the songs offer plenty of melodic hooks and solo's", "Inside The Pyramid Of Light is the track that really floored me and convinced me these guys are world class .... a melodic masterpiece", " it is great to hear such diversity in just the first 4 tracks", "Ten have recorded an album that not only out does their entire back catalogue but the back catalogue of a good deal of other bands. and "If you like British hard rock, or if you are already an old fan, or if you have been sitting on the fence like myself ... then this is an album that should be checked out... buying this album will make your CD collections complete. Very impressive stuff indeed. . Concluding that it is "ESSENTIAL FOR: All heavy melodic rock British hard rock fans and Ten lovers everywhere".

Silk & Steel said of "Spellbound" "Fucking awesome Melodic hardrock of the finest order.", "Play this ("Wonderland") on the radio and it will become a HUGE hitsong", "Ten's best album to date without no doubt. A superb production. And finally this is the music for Gary's voice. The hardrock fits his voice right. BUY OR DIE." and a second reviewer said "their absolute best album to date. Better production, amazing cover artwork, huge anthemic songs - At the end of the day , well , Bjorn said it all! - Kai) "

Classic Rock gave "Spellbound" 9/10 and said: "Ten are sleek and hungry", "the six piece have certainly made their mark" "they've also added an extra twist to their sound. (employing) an unusual Celtic romanticism - possibly a throwback to Vinny Burns' tenure with Dare."

Powerplay rated "Spellbound" Album Of The Month saying it displays a: "new more genuine hard rock edge", "It's all more of your true classic hard rock sound ala Zeppelin, Lizzy, Purple Rainbow etc.", "Quite simply every rock fan should own a copy."

Hard Roxx gave "Spellbound" 9.5/10 and said: "Until Ten came along British rock was stuck firmly in the duldrums. Sure they've given us some unforgettable songs but perhaps more importantly they've also given us hope, instilling a renewed sense of pride in our national heritage.", "Vinny whips up an absolute storm throughout, his passionate, inventive playing the lifeblood coursing through its veins." "Once again the pen of Gary Hughes has delivered the goods and then some. Refreshingly different but still reassuringly Ten "Spellbound" is quite simply a masterpiece."

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