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episode:#98101 writer:Karen Harris
air date:September 21, 1998 director:Ian Toynton
Amanda, the beautiful immortal with a fondness for grand larceny, is back to her old cat-burglar tricks--and Detective Nick Wolfe is hot on her trail. Sparks fly as cop and thief clash, Amanda finds herself framed for murder, and the mortal and Immortal worlds collide.
Full Disclosure
episode:#98102 writer:James Thorpe
air date:September 28, 1998 director:Peter Ellis
An angry Nick is determined to uncover Amanda's Immortal secret when the murder of a Navajo code-talker throws them together again, and the killer's trail leads to Mario Cardoza -- a master assassin who cannot die.
episode:#98103 writer:James Thorpe
air date:October 5, 1998 director:Dennis Berry
When Nick foils a murder attempt, Denise Grady thinks the "family curse" that has killed off the best and the brightest of the Gradys is finally over. But when the body of the killer disappears, Nick suspects Immortal involvement - and Amanda finds herself crossing Nick to protect an old friend.
episode:#98104 writer:Karen Harris
air date:October 12, 1998 director:Dennis Berry
Amanda and Nick find themselves going undercover - as newlyweds. Their honeymoon plans include stealing secret plans, ducking an Immortal out for Amanda's head and doing their best not to strangle each other. The joys of marriage!
So Shall Ye Reap
episode:#98105 writer:Michael O' Mahoney and Sacha Reins
air date:October 19, 1998 director:Rene Bonniere
Amanda convinces Nick to help her do a favor for her old mortal friend, Charlie Johnson. A former spy, Charlie recognizes a "Company" job when he sees one and asks Amanda and Nick to investigate the mysterious death of his scientist son. With four key players in a top-secret project dead, it's up to Nick and Amanda to blow the lid off of a government conspiracy that could affect the world's population.
episode:#98106 writer:Frank Encarnacao
air date:October 26, 1998 director:George Mendeluk
200 years ago, the Maria Rose sank with all hands on board - including Amanda. Now the ship's salvaged treasure is being sold off at auction and Amanda must retrieve a locket that's the key to a centuries old injustice.
So Shall Ye Reap
episode:#98107 writer:Tibby Rothman
air date:November 2, 1998 director:Rene Bonniere
As a rookie detective, Nick put away rising baseball player Ray Bonita for killing his minor league manager. Now, Bonita's back to take revenge on the cop who stole his life.
So Shall Ye Reap
episode:#98108 writer:James Thorpe
air date:November 9, 1998 director:George Mendeluk
During World War I, Amanda inadvertently brought about the death of an entire battalion. Now the sole Immortal survivor has returned for revenge.
Cloak and Dagger
episode:#98109 writer:Frank Encarnacao
air date:November 16, 1998 director:Rene Manzor
While Nick's out of town, Bert Myers, Nick's sometime employer, persuades Amanda to help him with a simple break-in - a break-in that's soon complicated by blackmail and murder.
Passion Play
episode:#98110 writer:Morrie Ruvinsky
air date:November 23, 1998 director:Dennis Berry
Thirty years ago, Lucy (Patricia Gage) was used as bait to lure her Immortal husband to his death. Now the same deadly immortal has his set his sights on Amanda.
The Devil You Know
episode:#98111 writer:Durnford King
air date:January 25, 1999 director:Don Paonessa
A handsome Immortal, Victor Hansen, charms Amanda and enlists her expertise in liberating the 38-carat Valentino Diamond. After Nick's mentor -- in charge of security for the famous diamond -- turns up murdered, Amanda's caught between a vengeful Nick and her seductive - and possibly deadly - new suitor.
A Matter of Time
episode:#98112 writer:Karen Harris
air date:February 1, 1999 director:Dennis Berry
Joe Dawson (Jim Byrnes), member of a secret organization called the Watchers, returns to warn Amanda of a deadly threat: Andre Korda. Once her mentor, Korda is now after her head. When Nick discovers that the Immortal is behind a daring heist, he's determined to stop Korda at all costs. But will either Amanda or Nick manage to escape with their heads?
French Connection
episode:#98113 writer:James Thorpe
air date:February 8, 1999 director:Dennis Berry
Recovering from his gunshot wound, Nick continues to pursue Immortal Andre Korda, hoping to avenge Amanda's death. Meanwhile, a very alive Amanda scours Paris for Nick. Reunited, the two discover Korda's high-stakes counterfeiting scheme and plot to put him out of business - the Immortal way.
The Rogue
episode:#98114 writer:Frank Encarnacao
air date:February 15, 1999 director:George Mendeluk
Four years ago, Nick saved Bert Myers' life by killing rogue agent Frank Brennan. Now, when Myers' agents -- assigned to protect a former starlet -- keep turning up dead, Nick discovers that Brennan is now Immortal…And he's come back to bury Myers. Can Nick and Amanda protect both Myers and the secret of Immortality?
episode:#98115 writer:Elizabeth Baxter
air date:February 22, 1999 director:Dennis Berry
Talia Bauer, an Immortal revolutionary, saved Amanda's neck from the guillotine during the French Revolution. Now, Nick thinks she's behind a fiery explosion, and Amanda finds herself torn between her debt to Talia and her loyalty to Nick.
episode:#98116 writer:Tibby Rothman
air date:April 5, 1999 director:George Mendeluk
When a twenty million dollar painting is stolen from under their noses, Nick and Amanda find themselves tracking another Immortal thief.
Love and Death
episode:#98117 writer:Jocelyne Barque Simmons
air date:April 12, 1999 director:Gerard Hameline
Myers suspects Amanda is connected to an international kidnapper. And she is - the kidnapper is her Immortal husband of 132 years.
Thick as Theives
episode:#98118 writer:Jocelyne Barque Simmons
air date:April 12, 1999 director:Gerard Hameline
Myers suspects Amanda is connected to an international kidnapper. And she is - the kidnapper is her Immortal husband of 132 years.
The Manipulator
episode:#98119 writer:Andre Jacquemetton
air date:April 26, 1999 director:Brian Grant
Nick and Amanda help journalist Tim Helfet with a case of murder and treason involving a high-ranking official.
The Ex-Files
episode:#98120 writer:Karen Harris
air date:May 3, 1999 director:George Mendeluk
Nick and Amanda find themselves in competition for the head of a cruel Immortal, who will stop at nothing to save himself.
War and Peace
episode:#98121 writer:Catherine Porciuncula
air date:May 10, 1999 director:Brian Grant
A man from Father Liam Riley's past is back seeking revenge and also ending the friendship between Liam and Amanda.
Dead on Arrival
episode:#98122 writer:James Thorpe
air date:May 17, 1999 director:George Mendeluk
Nick and Amanda get caught in a high tech bank robbers deadly web. Amanda is out for his head, while Nick has his own dire quest.