<em>NDP Caucus News Release</em><br> Robert Chisholm, Leader
August 29, 1997


     NDP Leader Robert Chisholm says Premier MacLellan's
"solution" to tolls on the Cobequid Pass is a replay of Jean
Chretien's promises on the GST.

     "Just as Chretien created the impression that he was going
to get rid of the GST, MacLellan created the impression that he
would get rid of tolls on the 104.

     "Instead of getting rid of the GST, Chretien disguised it as
the BST. Instead of getting rid of the tolls on 104, MacLellan
plans to reduce them for frequent users and force all Nova
Scotians to pay for that discount.

     "Neither the drivers on Highway 104 nor the taxpayers of
Nova Scotia will be happy with this so-called solution," said
Chisholm. "They'll remember that it was Liberal and Tory
mismanagement that created the toll highway mess in the first

     Chisholm was critical of the fact that MacLellan failed to
get Nova Scotia out of its costly partnership with Newcourt
Financial Corp. of Toronto. 

     "That deal is costing tens of millions of dollars more
because the private bonds that pay for part of the 104 return a
higher rate of interest than if the province had issued the bonds

     "If we had negotiated our way out of that deal, the savings
could have gone to provide a discount to frequent users at no
cost to the taxpayers.

     "Under the MacLellan solution, taxpayers will be forking
over at $2.5 million a year in subsidies to pay for the frequent-
user discount. Most of that subsidy will end up paying exorbitant
interest rates to private bond holders."