NDP Caucus - John Holm, Acting Leader
July 7, 1995


     NDP Leader John Holm sees today's report of a 13.3% Nova
Scotia unemployment rate as "the real verdict" on Liberal
leadership.  He is urging a grassroots strategy to rebuild the
provincial economy and reverse the job drain.  

     "The Liberals were elected on a jobs platform," he said. 
"They staked their credibility on jobs and the economy. 
Unfortunately for Nova Scotians, the cold, hard result of the
economic vote is 100% against this government.  

     "People who felt they could always come to Halifax for a job
should think again, because unemployment is climbing in Metro,"
Holm said.  The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in the
metro area rose to 10% in June from 8.5% in January.  

     There has been no employment growth in Nova Scotia since
February 1994.  Seasonally adjusted employment has been in the
379,000 to 383,000 range since then, dropping again to 379,000 in

     Statistics Canada also reported that June was yet another
month when Nova Scotia was the only province to have fewer jobs
on a year-over-year, unadjusted basis.  

     "We know the Liberal recipe that doesn't work," said the NDP
Leader.  "Massive lay-offs, hasty and expensive privatizations,
arrogant amalgamation and centralization, labour-basing and scorn
for those struggling to find and keep a job.

     "Instead of trying to create the world's first jobless
economy, the Liberals should re-read their own platform.  

     "If they aren't willing to rebuild the economy from the
ground up, in cooperation with labour, management and community-
based organizations, they should just step aside instead of
devoting all of their energy to clinging to power and inflicting
more misery on the people of this province."