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  I received a e-mail suggesting that Miller Brewing Company will send me a free six-pack. Is this true?

  The recent chain E-mail message circulating through the online world suggesting that Miller Brewing Company will give out a free six-pack of beer to all members of the “chain” if the chain reaches 2,000,000 people by Dec. 31, 1999 is false. Unfortunately, we have been the victims of this online prank.

Modern technology is very powerful, however in this instance the power of E-mail and the Internet has been misused to circulate a misleading and false E-mail that did not come from Miller Brewing Company or any of our employees.

We operate in a very regulated environment where state and federal laws prohibit such a giveaway as the E-mail suggests. The Internet and E-mail has allowed us to do a lot of things, but checking ID’s and making sure someone is 21 isn’t one of them.

As much as any beer aficionado would enjoy a free six-pack of some of the world’s finest beer, we hate to disappoint the participants in the chain E-mail.


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