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This property was reserved in the Pokémon Community by Starplayer on the 25th of Apr., 1999, and I'm 17 years old, from Virginia, USA.
The new PokeSite is here! :) Click here: CWC's PokeSite 2. So check back daily for any updates. Thanks. Some of you know about it, and some of you do not, so now the link to the Spanish version of my PokeSite is now in the section where the cheats and cards are! We have more than 1 Top Pokemon Site Lists, and they are in the "Vote 4 Me!" section. So, click on the mid-link, and Vote 4 Me! And we still need signitures in the GuesBook, so please sign it! :)
Take a peek in the PokeCard Section to see about my trade offer, and others! Also, Fossils are coming! Get the shovels! :)
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