William Burroughs Academy Series <more or less>

Urgency Press Rip Off, Brighton, Sussex (1973)

(The following is the introduction from the original Urgency edition. The bulletins that follow have been lightly edited: some of the original commentary has been removed, and various typos corrected. Bricolage would like to applaud the efforts of Roy Pennington, Richard Mahoney and Caroline Turner who in the predigital era of 1973 struggled to preserve these writings for posterity)


The following Bulletins were written as part of a series entitled " The Burroughs Acadamy" for the magazine Mayfair. None of them have been reprinted elsewhere. And since the back issues are not readily available, this is why they are being reprinted here. The rest of the series has appeared in The Job and The Wild Boys. For a fuller printing history see App.1. App.2 consists of related articles from other mags.

Each of the bulletins is prefaced by an introduction probably written by a sub-editor, ( the little man who gives the explanations for sci-fi stories) which sets the scene for the readers who seem to be credited with little literacy. They have been included to here to preserve the atmosphere of the original production --- a skin mag. Of dubious quality. Indeed some of the article were probably written under the pressures of copydate etc., and they show it. Nevertheless they are important at exemplaries of the transitional stage that Burroughs is at now.




The Last Broadcast

Do you remember tomorrow?

Oh God get me out of this

Wind die, you die, we die

Man you voted for a goddam ape

The Voracious Aliens

The Transplant Apocalypse

D.E. My super efficiency system

Without your name who are you?

Twilight's Last Gleamings

Appendix One. . .Bibliography

Appendix Two. . .Distant Heels

Pages from Chaos