Clementine Lunar Image Browser 1.5

Below is an image of the moon derived from data accumulated by the Clementine satellite. This interface allows you to view an image of the moon, centered on whatever point you indicate by clicking on the image below. In addition you may select from a variety of resolutions and image sizes. You may also retrieve a copy of the actual data returned by the satellite from which the multi-resolution images are derived by using the form in the bottom section of this page. More information and help are available for this interface.

Desired Resolution (Current: 1 pixel = 32 kilometers)

1 pixel = 32 kilometers
1 pixel = 16 kilometers
1 pixel = 8 kilometers
1 pixel = 4 kilometers
1 pixel = 2 kilometers
1 pixel = 1 kilometer

Image Size In Pixels
256x256 512x512 768x768

Specified Lat/Long (Instead of clicking the image)


Original Image Retrieval Check this box, choose from the menus below, and click on the image above in the location for which you would like to retrieve a copy of the original image the Clementine satellite returned.


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