Jennifer doesn't live here anymore ...

In fact, she hasn't been here in years, since oh, around 1995 or 6 or thereabouts. Sheesh. You're making me feel my age.

Anyway, I happened to discover people were still visiting this page. The legend of Jennifer Ringley is indeed a popular one.

I used to have an archive of her pictures elsewhere on my page; unfortunately for you, the reader, the administration of has asked me to take them off. And so I have.

So what is there to do here?

I'm planning a new set of unique and entertaining amateur web pages - sexual fun with a touch of class. Come back here in a week or so to see what I'm up to. If you liked Jennifer's pages, I think you'll enjoy what I'll have in store for you!

You can visit my personal web page, if it pleases you. Lots of interesting information about subjects such as ISPs, digital video, cruising yachts, and a nice selection of fun photographs.

If you're interested in finding future Jennifers before they spring out of their shells, my Wonderful Women of the Web pages should give you a few hints.

I look forward to seeing you there!

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