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Greg Sandell's face Research Associate
Parmly Hearing Institute
Loyola University Chicago
6525 N. Sheridan Road
Chicago, Illinois 60626
voice/FAX (773) 508-3976/2719
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Research Areas

Music Perception and Cognition
Perceptual representations of musical timbre
Perception of simultaneous timbres and its affect on orchestration strategy
Analysis and Synthesis of Musical Instruments

World Wide Web resources I maintain:

SHARC Timbre Database
A database I maintain of timbral information on orchestral instruments, featuring an analysis of every individual note in the standard playing range of every instrument in the orchestra.
Java Sound and Hearing Demonstrations
Applications written in Java to accompany the book Fundamentals of Hearing, An Introduction (3rd Ed.) by William A. Yost
The Java Audio Information Page
Links to information for programmers on using audio in Java
Moving from the US to the UK FAQ
A list of answers to questions frequently asked by people in the US preparing to move to Great Britain. (Recently awarded "Three Star Site" from the Magellan company.)

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