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September 1998 Issue

Neo Shmeo, Nova Shmova

  • Size: 1 CD-ROM
  • Style: 1-Player Action/Adventure
  • Special Features: 3D Environments; Character Interaction & Item Shops; Weapon & Armor Upgrades; Real-Time Combat; Power-Ups & Cut-Scenes; Auto-Targeting; Memory Card Save; Strafing, Hanging, Evasive Roll, Kicking; Secrets & Puzzles
  • Replay Value: Moderate
  • Created by: Capcom
  • Available: Now for Sony PlayStation

    Mega Man has been a staple in the Capcom catalog for more than 10 years. The boy in blue has appeared in so many titles that we're starting to think he has the same agent as Sylvester Stallone. In the past, however, Mega Man has not been able to display Sly's range. Where Sly has won the hearts of millions in classic films like Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot, Over The Top, and Rhinestone, Mega Man has been cast in the same type of game over and over again: 2D shooter. Recently though, Mega Man has been studying the art of "method gaming" and demonstrates some new abilities in his latest adventure, Mega Man Legends.

    For the first time, Mega Man strays into the realm of adventure and role-playing. Teaming up with his good friend Roll and her crazy grandfather, the trio is on a quest to find the Hidden Legacy treasure before a group of evil pirates beat them to it. Myths surround the treasure, and it is said to contain immeasurable wealth, but unfortunately no one knows for sure if the legends are true. To find out, Mega Man must travel throughout a new gigantic 3D world, interacting with townsfolk, researching new technologies, upgrading weapons and armor, and visiting item shops to spend his hard-earned money.

    But don't think for a minute that Legends doesn't contain any action. There is plenty of shooting to be had as Mega Man squares off in real-time against numerous enemies, including some huge and challenging bosses. Hats off to Capcom for keeping the smooth control of past Mega Man titles, and transferring it to Legends' new 3D environments, so that fighting evil-doers is a real pleasure. While blasting away, Mega Man can strafe, jump, perform evasive rolls, leap to the side, and kick. There are also different weapons for Mega Man to use. In addition to the standard arm blaster, Mega Man can obtain mine throwers, rocket launchers, power-drills, spread blasters, and more.

    Legends presents a good blend of different styles. There is plenty of shoot-em-up action for fans of traditional Mega Man titles, as well as a solid story and adventure to leave players wanting more. Plus, the new 3D world is huge, easy to navigate, and visually pleasing. Capcom did just about everything it could to satisfy old Mega Man fans, while at the same time attracting a new audience.

    Andy, The Game Hombre

    Concept: 8.75
    Graphics: 8.75
    Sound: 8
    Playability: 8.25
    Entertainment: 8.5
    OVERALL: 8.5
    "Alright, so the name is incredibly lame. But believe it or not, Mega Man Legends is a pretty cool game. While I certainly wouldn't put it in the class of a Mario 64 (I know, different system), the 3D engine is solid and the shooting and exploration is a lot of fun. The real-time cut-scenes are also a bonus with lots of hilariously bad voice-overs (the monkey dance is my favorite). But perhaps the best of part of the game is the endless stream of baddies that Mega Man must face. For Mega Man fans this game is a gimme, but action fans in general should at least rent this one."

    Jon, The Greedy Gamer

    Concept: 9
    Graphics: 8.25
    Sound: 8
    Playability: 9
    Entertainment: 9
    OVERALL: 8.75
    "This game is cool. Mega Man junkies will be very pleased with the story, and that the rules and concepts of the Mega Man universe have stayed intact. But Legends also incorporates a lot of RPG elements, including tons of townsfolk and dialogue, and it's all totally bizarre. You'll talk to painters, newscasters, delinquents, and lego-man enemies. You can buy health, collect Buster upgrades, and kick tin cans in the middle of a mall. I liked that Capcom added all the voice-overs. Cheezy yes (of course, it's Capcom), but very cool. The graphics are plain, but the combat is excellent and the character designs are top-notch. I recommend this adventure, especially to anyone who's snubbed Mega Man in the past."

    Reiner, The Raging Gamer

    Concept: 8.75
    Graphics: 8.5
    Sound: 6.75
    Playability: 9
    Entertainment: 9
    OVERALL: 8.5
    "This game is definitely worthy of attention, but I certainly hope this isn't the direction that Mega Man is taking from now on. Legends is in many ways similar to classic Mega Man, but misses the creative flair in level designs. The quest aspect is interesting and features nice real-time cut-scenes and RPG elements; however, several aspects could have been implemented much better. For starters, the character voice-overs are way too high-strung, and the music is just plain boring. This is an admirable attempt by Capcom to expand on the Mega Man universe. It has plenty of shooting, intuitive control, and an interesting and hilarious plot, but it lacks the feistiness of the classics. It's a fun game nonetheless, but Mega Man fans may be seriously disappointed."

    The Bottom Line: 8.5

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