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February 1997 Issue

Mega Man 8

Mega Man Gets a Facelift

  • Size: 1 CD-ROM
  • Style: 1-Player Action/Platform/Shooter
  • Special Features: Classic Mega Man Weapon Acquisition and Purchasing of Special Items, Eight Weapon Bosses, Cameo Appearances (Rush, Wily, The Good Perfessor, etc...), New Graphics Engine (Finally), And Lengthy Anime FMV Clips
  • Created by: Capcom
  • Available: Now for Sony PlayStation

The original concept of the very first Mega Man was genius. The premise of taking and using the weaponry of defeated bosses proved to be an extremely addictive method of gaining power and has served "the Rock" through an almost ridiculous number of popular sequels. In the original 8-bit Mega Man, Capcom's attention to detail (the character blinked!), size, and entertaining gameplay made this game among the most memorable on the original NES.

Further along in the series, Mega Man gained allies in the form of Rush the robotic dog and Roll, his bionic buddy. He has witnessed the further addition of special abilities, new weapons, and items that have seen to it that the Mega Man craze would last for well over a decade. In all that time Capcom hardly ever strayed from the game's original engine.

To us, this has been both a curse and a blessing. We often see eagerly anticipated sequels that have been changed so drastically from their forebears that we have to wonder why the games share the same name. On the other side of the coin, it is nice to see some kind of innovation in a new game, and changes in the Mega Man series have come very slowly.

Enter Mega Man 8. The graphics have actually been upgraded and there are some new features as well. Mega Man will now have access to the Rock Ball, a ricocheting bomb given to Mega Man by the good Doctor on the introductory level. Also new is the ability to fire your standard gun while using special weapons. In standard fashion, there are eight special weapon bosses to contend with and players can buy special items from Dr. Light (as in previous games). When it debuts in the States, Mega Man 8 will be for Mega Man fans what Street Fighter Alpha was for Street Fighter addicts- more of the same game with a slightly new look.

Andy, The Game Hombre

Concept: 7
Graphics: 8
Sound: 8
Playability: 8.25
Entertainment: 8
"Frankly, I haven't been that excited about a Mega Man product in quite a long time (though I would consider myself to be a Mega Man fanatic). Basically, I got tired of the same old thing, but MM8 is surprisingly fun. While it is still Mega Man, the new additions will keep you glued to the screen."

Paul, The Game Professor

Concept: 5
Graphics: 7
Sound: 6
Playability: 9
Entertainment: 5.75
"Other than some minor graphical improvements, I can't really see much that differentiates this version from the series on the NES and SNES. A challenging and classic game for those who are true Mega Man freaks."

Jon, The Greedy Gamer

Concept: 6.5
Graphics: 7.75
Sound: 7
Playability: 6
Entertainment: 6.25
"Upgrades, graphics, and cooler levels will appease Mega Man fans. Other players should consider a rental. There are games out there with more originality."

Reiner, The Raging Gamer

Concept: 7.25
Graphics: 8
Sound: 8
Playability: 7.75
Entertainment: 7
"Over ten years of Mega gaming and there still hasn't been a metamorphosis between any one of the sequels. Expect to endure the same tin man blinky eyed thrills that the first produced way back in the 8-bit days of gaming fun."

The Bottom Line: 7

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