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American Beauty
Blue Streak
Breakfast of Champions
For Love of the Game
The Corruptor (vhs)
The Prince of Egypt (vhs)
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Love Stinks
Stir of Echoes
The Other Sister (vhs)
Twin Dragons (vhs)
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Chill Factor
Outside Providence
200 Cigarettes (vhs)
Idle Hands (vhs)
Office Space (vhs)
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13th Warrior
The Astronaut's Wife
A Dog of Flanders
Dudley Do-Right
In Too Deep
The Muse
Go (vhs)
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1. Blue Streak
$19.2 | $19.2
2. For Love of The Game
$14.0 | $14.0
3. The Sixth Sense
$11.2 | $213.2
4. Stigmata
$9.0 | $32.6
5. Stir of Echoes
$3.9 | $11.9
6. Runaway Bride
$2.6 | $144.2
7. The Thomas Crown Affair
$2.0 | $64.4
8. Bowfinger
$1.7 | $63.0
9. The 13th Warrior
$1.5 | $29.4
10. Mickey Blue Eyes
$1.1 | $32.1
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"Buy a big box of popcorn and settle in for a rip-roaring good movie!" -- Richard A. Blake, AMERICA

"Star Wars, a vision of fantasy as opposed to realism, strikes us with the force of stepping from the cave into bright sunlight." -- William Siska, CHRISTIAN CENTURY

"The movie industry has managed to come up with a perfect summer-time film." -- Colin L. Westerbeck, Jr., COMMONWEAL

"Lucas has rather left his audience out in the cold, with only regularly administered shots of special effects to keep them warm." -- Richard Combs, MONTHLY BULLETIN

"I doubt that anyone will ever match it!" -- Robert Hatch, THE NATION

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May 25, 1977

"His work here seems less inventive than in THX 1138." -- Stanley Kauffmann, NEW REPUBLIC

"It's pure sweet fun all the way!" -- NEWSWEEK

"A breath of fresh air!" -- VARIETY

"It's fun and funny." -- Vincent Canby, NEW YORK TIMES

"George Lucas has made the kind of sci-fi adventure movie you dream about finding!" -- Gary Arnold, WASHINGTON POST

"The action is first rate!" -- BOX OFFICE MAGAZINE

"Well deserve the applause you'll find yourself giving them - before you exit with that satisfied Saturday afternoon at the movies smile that feels so good" -- Judith Crist, SATURDAY REVIEW

"Story, characters, and dialogue of overwhelming banality!" -- John Simon, NEW YORK

"Exuberantly entertaining!" -- Penelope Gilliatt, THE NEW YORKER

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Movie Info
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FRESH. A timeless sci-fi epic.

Luke Skywalker leaves his home planet, teams up with other rebels, and tries to save Princess Leia from the evil clutches of Darth Vader.

Cast: Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Alec Guinness, Anthony Daniels
Director: George Lucas
Distributor: 20th Century Fox
Rating: PG

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